Innovation in printing inks by Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical at Labelexpo Brussels, Stand 5E45

SolarVerse, a range of pigmented, low viscosity, multipurpose UV flexo base concentrates
SolarVerse, a range of pigmented, low viscosity, multipurpose UV flexo base concentrates

Sun Chemical, a producer of printing inks and pigment, showcased its complete portfolio of solutions for the narrow web label and packaging markets and highlight its latest product and service innovations at its Stand 5E45 during Labelexpo Brussels. Sun Chemical launched SolarVerse, a range of pigmented, low viscosity, multipurpose UV flexo base concentrates, designed to be dispensed through a standard UV flexo dispenser.

Blending a SolarVerse base concentrate with a specific, optimized technology varnish, different, finished ink profiles can be produced, ready for use on press in whatever color specified. As SolarVerse bases are formulated with materials suitable for migration-compliant applications when mixed with the appropriate technology varnish, the single base range is also ideal for UV flexo food packaging and label applications. With the same SolarVerse base concentrates being used for each ink profile, color consistency is also maintained regardless of the end print use.

Sun Chemical also introduced a new concept for food-compliant UV flexo products within the SolarVerse system, under the brand name SolarFlex Zero. This technology has been shown to achieve exceptionally low odor and migration characteristics in the food-compliant label and packaging applications. Sun Chemical will be making this available for market validation in the coming months.

Demonstrating other developments for the UV market, Sun Chemical also showcased its latest class-leading range of UV LED curing SolarWave flexo and SunWave offset inks. The fully EuPIA compliant SunWave Lumina offset inks are suitable for use on all sheetfed UV LED press types, including those equipped with low energy mercury lamps, and deliver leading lithographic performance that helps printers to achieve increased productivity.

SolarWave FSP UV LED flexo food compliant inks are available as finished inks or as part of the SolarVerse system through a dedicated UV LED technology varnish. The inks demonstrate all the capabilities of conventional UV flexo inks when cured under suitable UV LED curing systems.

Sun Chemical also demonstrated SunColorBox, which addresses the multiple issues associated with color management. SunColorBox offers a set of tools and services – from site assessments and full color audits to matching and validating colors to hosting digital libraries of spot colors – that enables consistent, accurate digital color communication and provides color data connectivity across the entire packaging supply chain. A menu of value-added services, SunColorBox offers every customer – whether printing spot color, CMYK or extended color gamut – a tool to manage colors with efficiency and ensure their consistency across substrates and geographies. It also allows each customer to select the most suitable services based on the size of their business and the investment required.

The company also demonstrated SunEvo Primus and SunEvo Protect on its stand. These coatings are aimed to enable digitally printed packaging, providing improved workflows and technically advanced solutions that comply with industry standards.

Also on display is the range of SunInspire specialty inks and coatings for label applications.


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