Looking at a bumper 2016-17 – Biku Kohli


The current calender year has been excellent for us says Kohli compared to the last year. “This year, our order books are in a healthy state and we hope to maintain this momentum. We are on track to sell double the number of machines compared to last year. So it is a bumper 2016-17 year for us you can say. Our operations are flexible and can be scaled up if required. One of our current challenges is to meet the demand which is a nice problem to have,” Kohli adds.

The company launched Roboslit in 2014 and installed its first machine at GLS Industries, Gurgaon in late 2014. With the Roboslit brand now established in the market and the benefit of dual turret technology well known, orders are flowing in which include both new and repeats as well.  Among the orders under process, three are for customers based in South India, three for customers in North India and one machine which will be installed in West India. Of these, two machines are repeat orders – one by GLS Industries in Gurgaon and one by Shrinath Laminators in Hyderabad, both within a short period of the first Roboslit  installation.

Kohli says, “I urge our customers to help us in delivering their machines on time by ordering a bit earlier than they are doing at the moment. Many may think that a slitter can be manufactured in a couple of months but we do actually need about four months to build a slitter according to our quality specifications. We also do wish that our competitors also focus on delivering quality and support and help us all reach the levels of our European peers rather than cutting corners for short-term gains.”