QuadTech displays its new color control solution at PackPlus 2017

both area sales managers

The QuadTech stand at PackPlus 2017 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi had a steady stream of visitors who met Raj Rana and Amit Desai, both area sales managers, representing the company, at the event. Packaging South Asia met Rana for an update on QuadTech’s display at the show and the response the company received there. According to Rana, “We are exhibiting our entire range this time because we’re expecting people from all segments. So far we have more than 900 installations in India, so customers from various regions of India, like small converters and big converters, have been visiting us. Along with our existing range, we have on display our new color management solutions. This event offers us a good opportunity to meet many of our existing customers along with new prospects at the same platform. Interaction with our old customers is also important because it is necessary for us to know their feedback.”

Rana seemed especially content with the response QuadTech received for the new products it had on display at its stand. He agreed that it takes time for new products to gain traction, yet he shared that there were many queries for the products. When asked about the feedback received from QuadTech’s existing customers, Rana explained, “Let’s say, we supplied some equipment 10 years ago and they’re happily running it; now when they visit us here and learn about our latest products, they say that the product they bought from us a decade ago lack some of the features that are available in the latest version. So, it’s just a matter of upgrading the new features on those equipment, which we can do easily. For various reasons, we haven’t been able to communicate enough with some of our customers over the years but now we’re looking at ways to increase our interaction with them.”

Talking about the new color control solution that QuadTech displayed at the event, Rana said, “This particular solution has been a talking point among converters for over a year-and-a-half now. The product is gaining traction and customers are now coming to us with the next level of questions. We first launched the product at drupa and it was also displayed at PrintPack 2017 but on both the occasions, there weren’t many customers from the flexible packaging segment. Here at PackPlus, we have a lot of flexible packaging people.”

Rana also has a well-defined strategy in place to counter any challenge that QuadTech might counter. He shared, “As far as strategy is concerned, we’re in a very dynamic market. And this time in this exhibition, we found out about some new things about our competitors, which have given us some insights for a new plan of action from the commercial angle. One of our strategies is to offer increased servicing support strength. Of course, we’ll back this up with a more pro-active approach commercially. Very soon, we’re expecting to get substantially large orders from major converters, for which we’re fully prepared.”

Speaking on the recent upheavals in the economy, Rana said, “QuadTech India has not been affected by demonetization in any way; in fact, it has opened up a new market segment for us and we are already at work to service this new market. As far as GST is concerned, we welcome it because the transparency it offers will work in our favor. As a US-based MNC, we import most of the components of our products and it has always been done in a transparent manner.”


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