Quick list of international packaging exhibitors

Events: Drupa Review


Acigraf – Hall 9, Stand A55
Acigraf is a manufacturer of engraving systems for gravure cylinders and allied equipment. At drupa, they will be showcasing their new Electronic Engraving System for gravure cylinders for package printing, transfer, wall papers and other applications. The system is integrated with image interpolation based on micro technology. The interface is a PC that works on a Microsoft Windows NT operating system.
Applied Laser Engineering  – Hall 9, D 26-10
ALE will be showcasing their Meridian range of high-definition laser engraving systems for production of anilox rolls, flexo sleeves, flexo plates/rolls, embossing rolls, intaglio rolls and dry offset/letterpress plates.

Bielloni Castella – Hall 13 B06
Bielloni is a manufacturer of coating machines, laminating machines, wide-web flexo presses and slitter-rewinders. At drupa, they will be showcasing their full range of machinery.

Bielomatik Leuze – Hall 11 A06
bielomatik is leading manufacturer of paper conversion and stationery manufacturing machinery and multi-web lamination systems for manufacturing RFID inlays, tags and labels. At drupa, they will be displaying five of their production lines including their PLUS range of machines for stationery products and RFID processing systems that can deliver up to 120,000 inlays per hour.

Bobst Group – Hall 10 A04/ Hall 15 A21, Hall 15 A03
Bobst is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of conversion equipment. They have several group companies exhibiting at drupa.

Hall 10 features Asitrade, Atlas, Bobst, General Vacuum, Rotomec, Schiavi, Steuer and Titan. The products on display will be as follows:
Asitrade – laminating machines, corrugated board production and conversion.
Atlas – primary and secondary slitter-rewinders in widths up to 10 meters and speeds up to 1200 meters/minute.
Bobst – machinery for production of folding cartons.
General Vacuum – vacuum web coating and metallising equipment.
Rotomec – rotogravure presses, coating and laminating machines.
Schiavi – flexo presses and laminating machinery.
Steuer – machinery for hot foil stamping, hologram application, printing/embossing.
Titan – slitter-rewinders.

Hall 15 will feature Fischer & Krecke (Stand A21) and Kochsiek (Stand A03) who will be displaying the following products:Fischer & Krecke – wide web flexo presses.
Kochsiek – gravure presses, rotary die-cutters and winders.

Bosch Rexroth – Hall 3 A68
At drupa, Bosch Rexroth will be showcasing their automation solutions for the printing and converting industry. These include their IndraMotion drive and control automation system, which eliminates line shafts and gear boxes.\ and combines compliant logic programming with PLC open motion function blocks. They will also feature their MKR linear modules for wide format printers that can handle widths of 5 meters or more.

BST International – Hall 10 D57
BST are leading manufacturers of web inspection systems, viewing devices, web guides, register control systems, colour measurement/evaluation systems and control and drive systems. At drupa, they will be showcasing their full range of product.

Cerutti Giovanni – Hall 16 B03
Cerutti are one of the leading manufacturers of rotogravure presses. They also manufacture flexo presses and a variety of converting equipment like coating machines, sheeting equipment, web guides and winders. They will be displaying various equipment at drupa

Comexi – Hall 10 C62
Comexi are leading manufacturers of wide web flexo presses. They also manufacture wide web gravure presses, coating machines, laminating machines and slitter-rewinders.

Dalim at Drupa 08 – Hall 9 9C44 and at the Drupa Innovation Parc, Hall 7
Solutions focus on providing publishers exciting, dynamic cross-media content with virtual magazines, implementing working JDF applications, and putting Adobe Print Engine on board.

At Drupa, Dalim will display its entire portfolio of production automation software and introduce version 3.0 of DALiM MiSTRAL, its popular production automation and project management/job tracking system. While other page applications show flatplans of designed work, MiSTRAL 3.0 shows true PDF images of complete pages that have been produced through a production workflow.Other new DALiM MiSTRAL 3.0 features will also be revealed at Drupa.

Dalim Software will also introduce new features to DALIM DiALOGUE, a stand-alone SWOP certified monitor-based proofing application running under the Macintosh OS X operating system. DALiM DiALOGUE provides companies a way to provide remote and collaborative viewing and soft proofing of high-resolution files (PDF, PostScript and TIFF-IT, among others) via the Internet. The version of DALiM DiALOGUE demonstrated at Drupa will feature text extraction, the ability to highlight text when viewing a proof on a monitor, and cutting and pasting that text with edits into a comment. DALiM DiALOGUE is also seamlessly integrated into other Dalim Software solutions-most notably, DALiM MiSTRAL.

DCM Group – Hall 10 E39
The DCM Group comprises of four leading manufacturers of converting equipment as follows:
DCM USIMECA – rotogravure presses, wet/dry/solventless laminators, coating machines and slitter-rewinders.
Holweg – machinery for manufacturing printed paper bags.
ATN – gravure presses and converting machines for the tobacco industry.
H. G. Weber – machinery for manufacturing block-bottom paper bags.
DCM will be displaying many new machines at drupa. Holweg and H. G. Weber will be displaying a new paper bag making line inline with six colour printing. ATN will display a new inline rotary cutter that can either be part of a new board packaging line or fitted on to an existing line. USIMECA will feature their new Laminastar 2 solventless laminator (width 800mm to 1600mm, speed 360meters/minute and 450 meters/minute), their Laminastar Combi laminator (3 processes, 5 trolleys, 12 applications,web width 840mm to 1640mm), their BIVA gravure press (width 580mm/680mm/820mm, repeat 300mm to 600mm, speed 400 meters/minute), their shaftless BRIO gravure press (width 800mm to 1300mm, print repeat 350mm to 800mm, speed 350 meters/minute), Laminawax wax and hot-melt coater/laminator and several new slitter-rewinders.

Daetwyler Max – Hall 3 A17
Daetwyler are well-known for their plain and coated doctor blades for rotogravure printing and for equipment for the preparation and engraving of rotogravure cylinders and flexo plates/sleeves. They also supply the full ranga of consumables that are required for these systems. At drupa, they will be showcasing their full range of products but will focus on the following new developments:

GALVOSTAR RS P – the latest line of automatic galvanic equipment for all galvanic processes including ALK copper, nickel copper, chrome and zinc plating, degreasing, dechroming and deplating. The RS series is designed to be compact, space-saving and deliver high-performance.

DIGILAS – a highly precise laser engraving system using the laser ablation process with chemical etching for rotogravure cylinders, flexo plates anilox rollers and direct 3-D engraving of plastic and hard rubber. It uses state-of-the-art fibre laser technology.
GRAVOSTAR HS – electromechanical engraving systems incorporating the award-winning VISION 3 engraving system. The performance profile includes engraving at three different engraving frequencies all combined into one system with cell depths of up to 90 microns.
LASERSTAR – with the DLS system that engraves directly on a zinc surface using a pulsed laser beam.
DUOSTAR – high-speed and high-quality cylinder grinding lines  for full processing of cylinders in one go from removal of chrome layers to final polishing of cylinder surfaces.
Swiss Tec AG – range of doctor blades.
Various prepress software solutions.
Customised cylinder handling solutions.

Davis-Standard – Hall 12 C69
Davis-Standard is a world leading manufacturer in the converting industry. Their range of products provides highly sophisticated and customer designed machinery for converting materials. Davis-Standard supplies extrusion and co-extrusion systems for coated and laminated paper, foil and aluminium products as well as roll-coating for solvent and water based applications. The equipment includes total web handling from material unwinder up to rewinder, coextrusion system, complete machine control including control of the automatic die and thickness regulation, material supply and gravimetric feeding control.

DuPont Packaging Graphics – Hall 8b B23
DuPont are known for their Cyrel range of flexographic plates and systems for processing plates/sleeves. At drupa, they will demonstrate new integrated workflow systems and solutions for environmental sustainability. They will feature four demonstration areas that will  showcase their latest developments in the following areas:
High Volume Flexible Packaging
Automated Multipurpose Flexo Workflow
Digital Corrugated Workflow
They will also be showcasing their Tyvek Graphics materials and Authentication Products.

Flint Group – Hall 5 C38/Hall 16 A21
This is Flint’s debut at drupa as a group after integrating their four separate product divisions into one group. The Printing Inks, Flexographic Products, Narrow Web and Pigments divisions will be at Hall 5 whereas Day International and Flexographic Products will be at Hall 16. The new innovations that will be highlighted are as follows:
Printing plates and sleeve systems – mainly sleeves for in-the-round processing (nyloflex ITR Thin and nyloflex ITR Classic) The nyloflex ITR sleeves are seamless printing forms incorporating a LAMS layer ready for digital imaging for high-quality flexographic printing. They will also introduce a new nyloflex plate specially developed for UV printing and their nyloflex infinity technology for endless printing forms.

Printing Inks – they will introduce their new Novavit F 950 PLUS BIO and F 550 PLUS range of sheetfed offset inks. These have been specially developed for fast running presses and are ideal for shiny coated paper and board. Both are said to give improved misting properties at high printing speeds. They will also feature their Premo range of ink systems for the packaging industry based on water-based printing ink building blocks.

Varnishes – The INULINE ink/varnish system has two new innovations. The first is a special ink called Novavit F770 INULINE that penetrates very quickly, is highly pigmented and has a wax-free formulation. The Ultraking INULINE is a corresponding UV varnish. The system permits the user to apply a UV varnish directly inline to a conventional offset ink without using a primer. The second element of the INULINE system delivers extremely high gloss with a water-based coating. This uses the same F770 INULINE combined with a special Novavit 7302/100 INULINE water-based coating.
Flexographic products – the full range of rotec Blue Light Sleeves, rotec Compressible Sleeves, rotec Label Sleeves and the rotec Adapter series will be on display.

Eckart – Hall 3 B32
ECKART is a leading global manufacturer of metallic printing inks and effect pigments. The company develops, produces and sells metallic and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, as well as concentrates, dispersions and printing inks.

ELTEX Electrostatik ­– Hall 6 D11
Eltex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrostatic systems. These include systems for controlling and eliminating static electricity as well as electrostatic printing assist systems. At drupa, they will highlight their new WEBMOISTEER technology with modular design for flexible webs using their new patented nozzle technology, the Eltex INNOCURE UV technology for newspaper printing, electrostatic print assist systems with automatic adjustment to eliminate missing dots and solutions based on charging and discharging technology.

Erhardt + Leimer – Hall 16 B40
E + L are manufacturers of equipment for web guiding, web inspection, web tension control, image viewing, control and drive systems and slitting and a variety of measuring and testing equipment. At drupa, they will be displaying the following new products:
Web inspection system with colour comparison and a new ELSCAN version with an extended line of view.
ELSCAN OMS 4 web inspection and web monitoring system using a newly developed camera head.
A new multi-camera system for 100 per cent web inspection for widths of 1000mm and above with 12,000 to 18,000 active pixels.
New software functions for their NYSCAN 100 per cent web inspection system with length monitoring.

EskoArtwork – Hall 8b A23
EskoArtwork will be displaying several new solutions for the packaging industry at drupa. These include:
Cyrel Digital Imager Advance Cantilever platesetter for sleeves – specially designed for the wide width flexo market and, optionally, for wide format flexo plates for high-speed processing. (DuPont will also be presenting their Cyrel Fast Round system for processing seamless sleeves/rounds using EskoArtwork software.)

Cyrel Digital Imager Spark 4260 Auto flexo platesetter for fully automated processing of flexo plates. It can process three full-size digital flexo plates at once and deliver the highest quality for applications like flexible packaging and folding cartons.
Studio and Studio Toolkits that bring 3-D interactive package design for boxes and flexibles to Adobe Illustrator.

Full end-to-end JDF workflow solutions for packaging production in co-operation with Dr. Lauterbach, MAN Roland and Bobst.
EskoArtwork software can also be seen on equipment and other solutions being presented by a number of partners including Adobe, Bobst, DuPont, EFI, Gallus, HP, MAN Roland and Xerox.

FAG Graphic Systems – Hall 9 A21
FAG is a well known manufacturer of quality control systems with application for every step within the preparation, production and control process. At drupa, they will display several new products including FAG VIPDENS CX, the ultimate all in one Multicolordensitometer with colorimetric and spectrophotometric functions – FAG SpectraScan, quality control systems for sheetfed printing, FAG BrailleScan for detecting errors in Braille,  FAG PIT Print Inspection Tool “pocket microscope”, FAG MBP Modular Blanks Processor, Blank transport system, FAG MWP Modular Web Processor Rewinder, FAG CIP3/4 Reader and FAG COLORSET, the ink fountain remote control system.

Fife-Tidland – Hall 15 B38
Fife is a leading supplier of web guiding and video web inspection systems. At drupa, they will be displaying some new products like the SE-45 TruWide sensor that can run multiple webs and a variety of materials without set-up changes or sensor repositioning.
Tidland is a leading supplier of shafts, chucks and slitting accessories. At drupa, they will be displaying their Ultrashaft XPRO10, a tough lightweight carbon fibre shaft. A proprietary coating flexes with the shaft while protecting the carbon fibre tube from core wear, cutting tools and handling. They will also be introducing the industry’s first all-electronic knife-holder for increased accuracy and consistency. This knife-holder can self-calibrate to optimise critical blade geometry during set-up, blade overlap and side-force. Blade wear and change-overs are thus reduced. Settings are entered via an easy-to-use interface, providing remote control of the knife-holder.

Focus Label Machinery – Hall 10 E52-2
Focus is a leading manufacturer for the printing and production of various kinds of labels. At drupa, they will have on show various equipment and will also launch some new products. The machinery on show will be:
PROFLEX 6 colour inline flexo press with full UV drying, chill rollers, rotary silk screen and cold foil stamping.
CENTRAFLEX 6 colour CI flexo press with UV varnish and rotary cold foil stamping.
REFLEX single colour flexo press with auto re-register and automatic inline sheet conveyor.
RT 250-300 bench top slitter-rewinder.
FLEXOSONIC ultrasonic anilox roll cleaner.
PLATEMATE video platemounter.
At drupa, Focus will be launching:
LX FLEXO 6 colour compact CI flexo press for the production of textile labels, self-adhesive labels, dye sublimation papers, elastics and heat transfers.   TAGTRANS 150 for roll-to-roll production of  tagless heat transfers in combination with the LX FLEXO.

Gallus/BHS Druck – Hall 3 F17
At drupa, Gallus/BHS will be launching a new line for printing and producing folding cartons. Called the Gallus ICS 670, this is the first collaboration between Gallus and BHS, The line converts a blank web of board into finished carton blanks. It occupies a footprint of only 30 meters and runs at 350 meters/minute. Configurations can include HiDef flexo, gravure and screen printing with cold foil decoration, hot foil stamping and embossing as well as laminating. It features a flat-bed die-cutting unit called the Gallus FCL 670 that can be used inline or offline. Rotary hot foil embossing is contained within one unit and can feed up to 6 foils across the web. It also has a “flying imprint” facility, an additional print unit for printing additional information, which can be set up while disengaged and accelerated to running speed when required.

The line is servo driven, which enables it to deliver infinitely variable repeat lengths, and has a high degree of automation. The infeed section is servo driven to ensure constant web tension and can be supplemented by automatic roll handling and splice units as well as a corona treater for pre-laminated board or plastic substrates. Printing units as well as foil stamping, hologram insetting and lamination units can be slid in and out for changing and set-up without breaking the web. Because of it’s modular design, the configuration can be tailored and adapted to specific requirements.

Gidue – Hall 10 C40
Gidue is a leading supplier of narrow-web presses for manufacture of labels and flexible packaging. At drupa, they will have on display two running presses – a 370mm wide Xpannd press and a 630mm wide Athena UV flexo sleeve press.
The Xpannd is a hybrid flexo/offset/silkscreen printing machine featuring high-end converting capabilities including hot stamping, cold foil decoration, embossing and die-cutting that is ideal for short and medium runs. It uses their Hi-Offset technology and incorporates their patented Flexo print head. Hi-Offset increases ink transportation to achieve better reproduction in terms of design impact and colour brightness. It maintains uniform consistency from the start-up speed of 12 meters/minute to its maximum speed of 150 meters/minute.

Gietz – Hall 3 B53
Gietz is a manufacturer of top-of-the-line equipment for foil stamping, embossing and hologram transfer. At drupa, Gietz will feature 3 machines as follows:
FSA 1060 Foil Commander – this is a foil stamping machine that uses their patented VACUFOIL foil transportation system which can process stamping foil reels of large diameters of 300/350 mm at speeds of up to 8,000 sheets/hour. It has a 25 per cent longer dwell time that permits lower stamping temperatures and pressure but claims to deliver up to 100 per cent more productivity than competing machines.

ROFO 910 – it is the only foil stamping machine capable of processing web widths up to 910mm and offering flat/flat foil stamping and embossing. It runs at up to 100 meters/minute (8,000 strokes/hour).

FSA 870 Compact – it delivers high register accuracy and quality of foil stamping at speeds of up to 6,000 sheets/hour.

Goebel Schneid und Wickelsysteme – Hall 10 D43
Goebel are leading manufacturers of slitting equipment. At drupa, they will be displaying their new MPW 300 slitter-rewinder. The GOEBEL MPW300 is a fully automatic turret center winder.The machine is designed for a large variety of materials like inkjet paper, self adhesive label stock, pressure sensitive material, plotter paper, gift wrap, metallising film and much more.In the winding position the GOEBEL MPW300 starts without tucking fold or glue, the web is gently supported during start up. Another asset of the winder is the outstanding evenness of the finished rolls. The mechanical and symmetrically expanding winding shafts ensure an optimum degree of roundness in winding. Furthermore, the GOEBEL MPW300 has a shaftless unwinding system which is equipped with an electronically controlled 4 quadrant AC-motor. Together with the dancer roll it ensures constant web tension.

Due to the use of three rewind shafts, it is possible to reduce the machine’s downtime. At a time, one of the rewind shafts each is employed for winding, finished roll unloading and new core loading. These functions as well as web cross cutting and finished roll close-up are executed simultaneously and fully automatically.

HP – Hall 8a / B26
Spanning high-speed inkjet production, offset- and photo-quality liquid electrophotographic printing as well as large-format printing, HP’s new offerings will be featured at drupa. HP will unveil its new generation Indigo print engine. Three new HP Indigo models – the HP Indigo 7000, HP Indigo W7200 and HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Presses – all offer faster speeds and greater productivity than current models to deliver significant improvements in break-even costs including the use of a better imaging oil recycling system.
The first of these new presses available to the market will be the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press in June. \

The HP Indigo WS6000 and W7200 models are web-fed digital presses designed for industrial and commercial applications, respectively. The WS6000 model, a label and packaging press expected to be available in early 2009, offers twice the productivity of the successful HP Indigo ws4500 press and is targeted at labels and packaging converters with significant volumes of medium- and short-run jobs. The W7200 press is a high-volume commercial press expected to be available in the second half of 2009.

Harper Graphics – Hall 16 D22
Harper are leading suppliers of accessories for flexography like anilox rollers, flexo sleeves, doctor blades, proofing presses, roller coverings and varnishing rollers.

Heidelberg Halls 1 and 2
Speedmaster XL 146 and 162 on show for the first time
Heidelberg will show its new Speedmaster models XL 145 and XL 162 (102 x 142 centimetre and 120 x 162 centimetre) format presses at drupa. The Heidelberg trade show presentation is based around the slogan “HEI Performance” and “HEI Value”. Visitors to drupa will be able to see for themselves solutions that create added value for their customer and also visit the Heidelberg factory on a few allotted days.Heidelberg will also be putting the spotlight on integration solutions. The Prinect Press Center, Prinect Packaging Workflow, and Prinect Axis Control all take the workflow portfolio of Heidelberg to the next level.

A new range of platesetters from the Suprasetter series will also be on show for the first time at drupa 2008, with Heidelberg now expanding its portfolio to include the large-format Suprasetter 145, 162, and 190.

In the postpress segment, the Stahlfolder KH 82 with automatic cross-fold unit will be making its debut. Further innovations include the Eurobind 4000 perfect binder, the Diana X 115 folder gluer and the Dymatrix 145 CSB die cutter. Furthermore, the Dymatrix 106 Pro CSB die cutter and the CS and CSF Variamatrix series have been equipped with new features.

HELL Gravure Systems – Hall 17 C42
Hell is a leading manufacturer of engraving systems for rotogravure cylinders and flexo sleeves/plates. At drupa, HELL Gravure Systems will be introducing a new HelioKlischograph family, a gravure-specific PDF workflow, a unique automation environment and live demonstrations of direct laser engraving.

The K500 HelioKlischograph family has grown. The K500 offers a number of new functions, an improved HelioSprint high-performance engraving system, minimal makeready times and a new operating concept. Even the entry-level configuration delivers an extensive range of features that ensure quick, first-class engraving results in top HELL quality, while the high-end K500 is ideal for integration into fully automated production lines.
High-resolution engraving with XtremeEngraving provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to etching or direct laser engraving. This process now engraves up to three times faster.

HelioCom is the cornerstone of every professional workflow in cylinder engraving. Due to the massively improved performance of the Mac Pro hardware, the layout station has reached impressive new heights in terms of performance. The HelioDisk job ticket editor is the real powerhouse of cylinder engraving. The new JDF interface can now integrate all MIS systems in the engraving process.

Cellaxy is a second generation laser engraver for the direct engraving of gravure cylinders in copper and chrome. Cellaxy is able to produce texts in offset quality and images in gravure quality. Direct-lasered cylinders and electromechanically engraved cylinders can be combined. There is no change in the electroplating process for the cylinders.
PremiumFlexo is a process for the direct engraving of elastomer printing forms and enables classic gravure jobs to be produced cost-effectively using flexographic printing. A range of new innovations now makes it possible to achieve these outstanding results more cost-effectively. PremiumFlexo is now available for both seamless sleeves and plate-on-sleeve technology. The fully-automated PremiumLine production environment will be presented at drupa for the first time – this system takes the automation concept already established in gravure and transfers it to flexographic printing.

Henkel – Hall 14 C71
Henkel is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of packaging adhesives. At drupa, they will be showcasing their full range of adhesives and glues as well as print varnishes.

IST Metz – Hall 3 B17
IST Metz is a leading manufacturer of UV curing systems. The focus of the technical innovations to be showcased is the exceptionally high efficiency of the UV curing systems. The BLK-5 is an innovative UV system, which offers an extremely high curing output combined with very low energy consumption. Visitors can learn more about different application possibilities using UV printing from the live demonstrations that will be carried out during the show on the company’s own sheet fed offset 520 x 370 format press. Print demonstrations will be carried out on the press, which is equipped with six print units, a coating unit and a die-cutting unit as well as three interdeck dryers and an end-of-press dryer. Print jobs will be presented four times a day in order to illustrate how the use of UV printing can open up interesting new market sectors. A complex coating application for a book cover will be used to demonstrate the finishing possibilities in the commercial sector. The ever-increasing use of printed plastics will also be taken into account in another of the print jobs. The impressive effects that can be achieved by using opaque white together with special coatings on plastics will be shown. The third print job focuses on printing high quality labels and a self-adhesive label will be printed, die-cut and embossed inline.

IST will not only be represented on its own stand in Düsseldorf. IST UV units can also be seen on the following stands: Drent, Gidue, Heidelberg, Halm, Marks-3zet, Müller Martini and Steinemann.

ITW Surface Treatment  – Hall 10 B59
ITW’s Pillar Technologies and Sherman Treaters are leading manufacturers of corona treaters. At drupa, they will be showcasing the new IntellaDyne TM generator. It is the latest product to be launched in Pillar Technologies’ product range for corona surface treatment. With a range of models offering output power from 5 – 15kW, the IntellaDyneTM series stands out through its innovative use of IGBT technology, and has an excellent Touch Screen operator interface with clear simple controls and fault diagnosis.
It is not only the internal electronics and functions of the IntellaDyneTM power supplies that have been the subject of this work, the product development team has been innovative in other aspects as well. For example, the IntellaDyneTM 5 – 15kW power supplies do not require an input transformer, but accept varying input voltages, dependent on the local power supply. In comparison with other designs, the IntellaDyneTM range is very compact and can be mounted adjacent to the corona treatment station.

ITW Foils – Hall 3 A32
During drupa, ITW Foils will present a number of new foil qualities:
The newly developed OS Plus offers a widely applicable trouble-shoot foil. This foil is particularly suitable for challenging, highly demanding applications.
ITW Foils has added a new hot stamping foil to their program, which is overprintable with UV inks. This foil is available in 2 versions: UX for printing medium details and FX for printing fine details.

ITW Foils has also developed 2 new, multi-universal hot stamping Foils: OG (for medium details) and OF (for fine details). Both foils are produced by ITW Foils UK on new, state-of-the-art Kroenert coating machines.

ITW Foils has further improved the well-known graphic hot stamping foil GS, resulting in the GS Plus, which is suitable for high speed printing. Besides GS Plus, which is available in gold and silver, ITW Foils has also developed a High Speed holographic hot stamping foil, suitable for high speed stamping on machines like the Gietz Foil Commander, Steuer (Bobst) Foiljet and Bobst Esperia.

ITW Foils also offers a complete program of cold foils for inline off-set applications, roll-to-roll UV through-cure applications and a new, UV-overprintable cold foil.

Kama Hall – 3, D31
World premiere for A3 finishing
At drupa KAMA is presenting the first automatic flat-bed die cutter for the A3 format. The new KAMA ProCut 53 for the 530 x 400 mm format performs die cutting, creasing, perforating, kiss-cutting and finishing with cold embossing and Braille. A hot-foil stamping module is currently being developed. “The finishing of print products is becoming a mega trend,” says KAMA CEO Marcus Tralau and forecasts: “In the growing area of digital printing, finishing will soon greatly gain in importance.” Built on the same principle as the tried and trusted automatic die cutter ProCut 74, the ProCut 53 opens up new possibilities for the fast and precise finishing of A3 sheets.

KAMA will also show its ProCut 74 built for heavy-duty usage, and also its “big brother” KAMA ProCut 105. These can handle any kind of extra working or finishing a printer or designer would wish to apply to a sheet. In a basic mode they will cut paper, cardboard, corrugated board and plastic, and will crease, perforate and kiss-cut as well as cold emboss.

Kallfass Verpackungmaschinen – Hall 12 C35
Kallfass is a leading manufacturer of equipment for shrink-wrapping, bundling, stacking & piling and conveying systems.

Karlville Development – Hall 6 B74
Karlville is a leading supplier of equipment for manufacture of labels, shrink labelling, bag & pouch making and slitting-rewinding.

Koenig & Bauer  – Hall 16 B45
KBA are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sheetfed offset presses. At drupa, they will be displaying their re-engineered Rapida 75 press for a slightly large sheet size (520 x 750mm/20½ x 29½in), which supersedes both the Rapida 74 and the Performa 74. Configurable with two to eight colours plus coater and perfector, it incorporates a lot of new features, some of them adopted from bigger formats. Label and packaging printers will be interested to learn that there is a special 605 x 750mm (23¾ x 29½in) version.

Kroenert – Hall 10 A62
Kroenert is a leading manufacturer of coating and laminating machines. At drupa, they will be displaying some new machines as follows:

Sleeve technology for gravure rollers and smooth steel rollers in coating – a single operator can change the engraved coating roller or the smooth roller required for production in a minimum of time without any special tools. Thanks to the lower costs for rollers, not more than a quarter of the usual set-up time during roller changes, and less staff, the users of this technology experience a significant competitive advantage.

Curtain coater “Slide-Die”” with width side adjustment – multilayer coatings with only one coating system and one dryer. The trademarks of coating machines with such a coating system are smaller space requirement, lower investments, lower energy costs and fewer staff.

Advanced On-press Vision Systems
Automated defect detection of print and coatings

With printing speeds hitting frightening levels, the need for automatic on-line monitoring of print quality on the press has become absolute. Gone are the days when visual inspection or simple stroboscopic systems were enough to detect print defects and make the necessary adjustments. With printing webs ever going wider and printing speeds approaching the 1,000 meters per minute mark, the penalty for not detecting defects in time and correcting them forthwith is debilitating and, in the flash of an eye, large quantities of expensive substrates would have gone through that is not deliverable to customers; what is more, being proprietary printed material, it would have to be destroyed or shredded realising a scrap value next to nothing. There is also the very real threat that some of these may defects may not be detected at all and be sent to customers resulting in serious commercial repercussions.