The 5th annual Innopack at Gurugram

Food safety, new technologies and compliances


Among the many excellent speakers at the conference were industry compliance evangelist Dr Prabhod Halde of Marico and packaging materials expert Sukhdev Singh Saini. Print requirements and packaging laws and the need to provide product and compliance information in both print and digital forms were discussed. The first day of the event had several speakers including Gagan Talwar, manager of packaging development at Hindustan Coca-Cola and Rajesh Kapoor of JK Paper who spoke about the demand drivers of paper-based food packaging.

The second day focused on the ways to improve the shelf life of food and beverage products by improving packaging technologies and establishing sets of standards for the variety of products and needs. Sagar Anand Kurade, managing director of Suman Project Consultants and Ramesh Sundaram, general manager – sales and marketing of Ishida, spoke about advances in technologies for food and beverage packaging. Yogesh Bambal, manager of research and development for chocolate packaging, spoke about using the right type of packaging to maximize the brand image of a product. The attendees at the event had a lot more to gain in terms of knowledge and business ideas as the entire conference took place through presentation slides, informative videos and examples from day-to-day lives of industry experts as well as networking opportunities.