Uflex invests in Laser Scoring Technology

To offer easy-to-open flexible packaging solutions

Different types of easy to open laser scored flexible packaging by Uflex

Uflex is the first company to introduce laser scored flexible packaging in India. With the sophisticated Laser Scoring Technology the outermost layer of a laminate is incised with laser beams. Virtually every type of incision can be made by this technology wherein predefined tearing path is created to guide the end-user to conveniently open the packaging. All of this is done without compromising the barrier properties required by the product packed inside.

One of the conventional tools that is used to create tearing paths on flexible packaging is serrated cutter fitted on form, fill and seal machines. This is not considered as a very conducive option as the tool gets worn out with frequent need of replacement. With laser scoring technology, Uflex offers a non-contact, clean processing solution that eliminates the need for mechanical tooling or associated consumables. The laser system is capable of precise scoring process that adds accurate features not obtainable through other mechanical methods. This also reduces production downtime, as pattern or design modifications are made rather instantaneously.

Anand explained, “The high-quality laser scoring technology that we have invested in, provides the ability to precisely and consistently score flexible packaging at controlled depths at varying web speeds. Score lines are created in specified areas of the film/laminate, forming a narrow channel in the material for a tear to follow. Effectively, a laser weakens targeted layers of packaging material to produce score lines without compromising the barrier properties of the flexible film. Various laser scoring configurations like half-moon cut, wedge cut, umbrella cut, slant cut to name a few are possible at our packaging manufacturing plants.”

“With the help of the value added laser scoring technology we have offered easy to tear flexible packaging solutions to various FMCG brands of snack food, ketchups, condoms, pet food, tea, coffee, rice, spices etc. For a leading snack brand in India, we engineered a three layered laser scored diaphragm (opening) comprising PE/MET PET/PE which has spelled tremendous ease of opening for end-users. The demand for laser scored easy to open flexible packaging has been on the rise not only in India but overseas as well,” observed Anand.

Emphasizing upon easy to open flexible packaging, Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and managing director of Uflex said, “Ease of opening a pack for accessing the product is fundamental to an end-user’s overall experience. Some substrates within a laminate are really difficult to tear open without using a cutter/blade. In line with our business strategy of innovation to create value added differentiation to the advantage of our clients, we have invested in sophisticated laser scoring technology that permits perfect incision in a laminate at controlled depths and variable web speeds. This in turn, allows the consumers to easily open the pack, adding to experiential delight and upholding the very ethos of flexible packaging.”