28-metre press with 13 printing, coating and dryer units

Grafobal installs KBA Rapida in Skalica

The 28-metre long 13-unit Rapida 106 at the Grafobal headquarters in Skalica

Nine printing units are followed by a coater, two dryer towers, a second coater and a triple-length extended delivery with installation space for further dryers. This is at first sight a typical double-coater press for conventional, UV or mixed operation in the high-quality printing and finishing of folding carton products. Accordingly, the Rapida is also equipped with board-handling accessories and customer-specific pile logistics facilities, while a 675 mm plinth enables the use of higher piles when printing thick substrates.

Much less common for such a long press, however, is the enormous output of up to 18,000 sheets an hour with the high-speed package. One of the features which makes this possible is the extremely precise, sidelay-free SIS infeed (Sensoric Infeed System), which is only to be found on KBA Rapidas. Similarly standard for the Rapida 106, in contrast to many other medium-format presses of this category, is the consistent implementation of a dedicated drive concept at the feeder, with separate motors for the feeder head and feed table. In combination with the special Venturi sheet guiding system, high-performance VariDry dryers and a dynamic sheet brake in the delivery, these technical details lay the foundation for optimum print quality even at high speeds.

High net outputs are dependent not just on high production speeds, but especially on fast make-ready. The job changeover programme of the Rapida 106 ensures that all selected changeover processes are performed automatically and in optimized sequence. The LogoTronic Professional software enables the data and corresponding press settings for the next job to be loaded into the ErgoTronic console while the current production is still running. The actual job changeover can then be started with a single press of a button.