A.T.E. launches ViewAXIS Mega vision system

Anand Mehta

A.T.E. has launched the ViewAXIS Mega vision system, a next-generation web viewing system that delivers superior process monitoring, thus enabling operators to locate defects and take necessary action. ViewAXIS Mega comes equipped with an energy-efficient LED strobe light for sharp, accurate and high-resolution images at high production speeds.

A.T.E. has extensive experience in the print and packaging industry spanning more than three decades. With its domain knowledge and in-house expertise in register control systems for rotogravure printers, it was a natural extension of the product portfolio for A.T.E. to add a range of web viewing systems. ViewAXIS Mega is one of the first such vision systems introduced by A.T.E. The ViewAXIS Mega system enables operators to detect print defects on the web and initiate corrective actions in order to reduce waste.

At high web speeds, it becomes impossible for the unaided human eye to observe the printed web. In today’s competitive and quality conscious environment, precise web viewing is no longer a luxury, but a pre-requisite for printers. A.T.E.’s web video system allows operators to view stationary images of the printed matter at high speeds. This combined with a unique magnification feature helps operators to inspect print quality minutely. The operator can then instantly take the necessary action to prevent material wastage.

“Considering our domain expertise and an in-house skill set covering software and hardware development, we decided to develop a range of web viewing systems ourselves, in line with our ‘invent in India’ philosophy. We are proud to be an Indian manufacturer that offers products of quality comparable to those of European manufacturers, which come with some unique features as well as the added advantage of local support,” says Anand Mehta, vice president – Print and Packaging Business Unit at A.T.E.

A.T.E.’s ViewAXIS Mega aids operators in quickly locating issues such as registration, perforation, voids, streaks, missing print, color variations, and others. The ViewAXIS Mega also helps ensure reduced setup times, increased productivity and consistent print quality.

The ViewAXIS Mega uses state-of-the-art technology that provides high-resolution images with various web viewing options. The bright white light LED strobe unit ensures low power consumption. Smooth travel along the motorized traverse and magnification in the region of interest add to operational flexibility. The split screen feature allows comparison of cross marks printed on both the edges of the substrate—a very important monitoring parameter for the operator. An icon-based graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy for the user to operate the ViewAXIS Mega.

Manual iris control for dynamic exposure time is a unique feature of the ViewAXIS Mega that aids in controlling the amount of light falling on the camera sensor and improves image quality. The ViewAXIS Mega uses a low power LED strobe with variable intensity for flashes and is suitable for any type of roll-to-roll application or packaging substrate.


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