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Obaly Morava's HP T400 Simplex inkjet for corrugated

Gianluigi Rankin, worldwide product marketing manager for HP’s web press media technologies, demonstrating the boxes produced on the T400 at Obaly Morava. Photo Nessan Cleary

World-class technology in store for Indian flexible packaging material manufacturersBST eltromat flies high after mergerBST eltromat, the world’s largest manufacturer of inspection systems for print as well as surface inspection for films, was present at the Packplus 2015 exhibition held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. At the event, the company displayed its 100% inspection, workflow and web inspection systems. “We also manufacture guiding systems and register control systems. In fact, eltromat is recognized as the best that is there for register control systems. We are showcasing all these products live at Packplus 2015,” says Tappan Patel, managing director, BST eltromat India.Tappan Patel with the BST eltromat team at Packplus 2015. Photo PSAIn 2014, BST and eltromat, the two leading companies in the field of quality assurance and production optimization in the web processing industry merged together to form the full service provider, BST eltromat International. “The resultant merger is exceptionally positive. In 2015, after acquiring eltromat, we are already looking at doubling our turnover. 2015 is going to be a landmark year for BST eltromat India,” says Patel. “With BST and eltromat coming together, we are committed to make available world-class technology to all our Indian manufacturers of flexible packaging material.”

Speaking about the market, Patel says, “There is a constant development of 100% inspection system. The new trend is going towards systems that are smarter, more easier to be used. We have collaborated with the world’s best and biggest in-line spectrophotometer company, Xrite, to develop sensors that will help companies to install it online and have color measurement on the fly – plus the user interface is made more user-friendly for operators.”

The T400 Simplex, sitting in a separate building at Obaly Morava. Photo Nessan Cleary

BST eltromat has a strong market share in India. According to Patel, the company has 85% market share as far as the inspection system is concerned and about 55% for web guide system. BST eltromat relaunched its register control system last year and is expecting to take hold of 25 to 30% of the market share by next year, says Patel. “Right now I think it is a very cosy period we are going through. There is not much of a challenge but yes there is competition as price is always a factor. We are a very strong company and we take care of our challenges quite well,” he says.

Patel is very much optimistic about the Indian packaging industry. Patel says, “The growth is there in the Indian packaging industry, and it is going to be constant for many years to come because if you look at the per capita consumption of packaging material all around the world, we are at a very nascent stage. When asked about the Indian label market, Patel says, “The label industry is India is growing too. However, compared to rest of the globe, we are very small. When the rest of the world is growing at 2 to 3%, we are growing at about 25%. The number of label printing presses coming in to India is phenomenal. However, we still have a lot to do to catch up with other countries.”

Labelexpo India and Brussels
After Packplus 2015, BST eltromat will participate at Labelexpo India 2016 from 17 to 20 November 2016 at India Expo Center in Greater Noida. The company will also participate at Labelexpo Europe 2015 from 29 September to 2 October in Brussels, Hall 9 Stand 6C46. “At Labelexpo Brussels, we are going to show the prototype of our new generation basic video inspection system called PowerScope 4000. The focus will also be on 100% inspection, workflow, web inspection and color measurement as well as web guiding,” says Patel. “We will also display a product called TubeScan which is a low-cost 100% inspection system that can be installed online on  printing machines or offline on inspection machines.”