Continental Crowns & Closures sets higher goals

Leverages growth in glass packaging segment

GM Chandnani, founder, Continental Crowns & Closures with his son, Sundeep Chandnani, chief executive, at their factory in Okhla, New Delhi. Photo PSA

Steady growth despite unfavorable market
Continental Crowns & Closures operates out of six production units in Okhla Industrial Estate, which indicates good growth and progress. The Chandnanis informed that they would soon shift to a new 14,000 sq. ft premise in Faridabad, which will help them integrate all six units under a single roof with room to spare. They said that it has become difficult to function optimally from six different units at Okhla, especially now when the business is growing at over 20% annually.

This performance is considered healthy, especially in a market that shrunk considerably after the arrival of PET bottles and containers that use plastic caps and closures. The Chandnanis attribute this growth to their long presence in the market wherein they did not compromise with quality in order to compete with the plastic caps and closures. They knew their limitations in this respect—since their clientele are from companies that use glass and metal packages, they simply focused on consistent quality and timely delivery.

Continental Crowns & Closures supplies to many brands in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Photo PSA

Product range and impressive clientele
As the food processing, oil and chemical, liquor, beverages and pharmaceutical markets grew, it created latent opportunities for metal and glass packaging to also grow despite the overwhelming preference for PET bottles and containers among manufacturers. In this scenario, all that Continental Crowns & Closures had to do was adjust to higher demand. They had to make capital investments in expanding capacity that eventually grew to six separate units, but even this capacity is now falling short.

Continental Crowns & Closures makes a variety of caps and closures for its clients across the food processing, oil and chemical, liquor and beverages and pharmaceutical sectors. These include slip caps, twist off lug caps, printed crown caps, drum cap seals (both plain and printed), aluminum ROPP (roll on pilfer proof) caps, continuous thread (CT) caps and slip caps among others. They have been supplying to various companies like Glaxo Smith Kline, Indian Oil, Dabur, Haldiram’s, Patanjali and many others. GM Chandnani informed that his company was the first to produce long neck dome-shaped liquor bottle caps in India, which they supplied to Shaw Wallace.