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Container Dri II products and desiccant bagsClariant’s new desiccant manufacturing plant in China7 April 2015, Munich – Clariant, a world leader in speciality chemicals, has today announced the opening of a new desiccant manufacturing plant at its site in Zhengjiang, China. Clariant will produce its line of Container Dri II products alongside a full range of desiccant bags at the new facility, extending its existing regional support for the Asian market.
Clariant opens new desiccant manufacturing plant in China. Photo: ClariantClariant’s specially-designed cargo desiccants, Container Dri II, are
aimed at protecting goods from the harmful effects of moisture and water
damage during shipping via container, rail barge or truck. Container
Dri II plays a vital role in preserving edible cargo and other sensitive
goods during long transport across different climate zones.

Zhengjiang, Clariant has the advantage of access to locally-sourced
bentonite clay and the drying facilities offered by its Functional
Minerals Business unit to support its production of desiccant bags for
export packagers, machine manufacturers and food packaging. To meet
growing desiccant demand from Asia, Clariant opened its first Container
Dri II production plant in Indonesia in March 2014. Both sites are part
of Clariant’s worldwide network for desiccant manufacturing, which also
includes plants in Brazil, Turkey and USA.

“Clariant’s desiccant
products are highly-regarded within the logistics industry. With our new
facility, access to local clay sources, and drying capabilities we have
a sustainable opportunity to provide desiccant bags into the Chinese
market at the consistent, high quality level customers expect from
Clariant. This site will also help to support our expansion in the area
of food protection in the local Chinese market and internationally. We
are well-placed to build on our existing strong relationships with
global companies who also have operations in China,” says Justin
Mueller, head of Business Group Cargo & Device Protection, BU
Functional Minerals, Clariant.