Design without limits

Laser seamless, the new rainbow foil from Kurz expands design possibilities


Laser Seamless is the name of the new holographic hot stamping foil from Kurz – one of the well-known leaders in hot stamping technology. Laser Seamless is characterized by its continuous design that is neither disrupted by shim lines, a characteristic feature of holographic foils arising as a result of technical aspects of the production process, nor by color transitions.
With the earlier holographic rainbow foils that had shim lines, processors were limited in their selection of designs that could be stamped. The foils were only suitable for smaller stampings or less demanding work. To avoid shim lines altogether, it was necessary to calculate a stamping interval that would skip these regularly spaced lines. Another option was to reject those stampings that exhibited shim lines after the stamping process. Both of these options, however, resulted in increased costs in terms of time and materials.

Laser Seamless foil is claimed to overcome these limitations. The foil is suitable for large-area applications and stamping projects that demand a visual appearance without any artifacts. The Laser Seamless foils offer the same gloss level, and holographic effects as earlier materials. The homogeneous holographic image produced is also highly suitable for overprinting. Laser Seamless is available ex-warehouse in gold and silver, and can also be produced as a cold foil for sheet-fed and web printing. Kurz’s has an India office in New Delhi.