Light weight Boxal aluminium bottles for premium segments

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Light weight Boxal aluminium bottles by the Exal group
Ultra−light and shatterproof, the Boxal aluminium bottle offers total mobility and is fully recyclable. Premier supplier to the beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals markets, Boxal offers a global capacity of over 900 million units annually. Boxal is a division of the Exal Group, is one of the global leaders in aluminium aerosols and beverages bottles.
Setting the trend with distinctive shapes, high definition printing, the aluminium bottle by Boxal offers unrivalled possibilities to marketers. These bottles encourage trial and consumption on premise as well as during other occasions. Ok Prosecco and Britz by Santero in Italy, Glitter & Gold by In-spirit in Germany are perfect examples of the opportunities.

The extensive off-the-shelf Boxal aluminium bottle range enables great speed to market. Versatile and flexible, the Boxal aluminium bottle is the most cost effective media to reach the consumers directly. Limited editions, special events collectors as well as mass market productions are possible. Presented individually or in prestigious presentation packs the bottles offer fatal attraction. The aluminium bottle chills very rapidly and offers a cool and refreshing touch and thus is ideal for both on and off premises drinking occasions, in bars and pubs or in outdoor and travel areas.

Graphic designs with brushed metal effects or pure white and gold create a distinctive visual identity and immediately position the products in the premium segments. The close partnership with the customers\’ technical and graphic design teams at the early stages in the new product development process, sharing Boxal team’s expertise, has enabled to meet the expectations in great details and maximize the benefits throughout the supply chain.