DuPont opens Innovation Application Center in Gurgaon

More Nutritious, Convenient and Affordable Food for India

The DuPont offering in India cuts across the landscape of food – from flour-based products to dairy to nutritional beverages and powders

New ink to improve inkjet performance in challenging environmentsVideojet launches ink to enhance adhesion on flexiblesOn 12 March 2015, the Chicago-headquartered Videojet which is active in the Indian inkjet marking engine market, has released its new V418 enhanced adhesion ink. As the topic of food labelling regulations continues to lead discussions within the food manufacturing and packaging industry, it has never been more important to ensure that merchandize is coded accurately with readable use-by dates that last the entire intended lifecycle of a product. In response to this increasing concern among food manufacturers, Videojet invests in ink chemistry research to develop new, improved performance inks. The company is active in the continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, laser marking, thermal transfer overprinting, case coding and labelling, and wide array printing segments.
The new V418 ink by Videojet helps to ensure greater adhesion and abrasion resistance on flexible film packagingformulated to repel water and oily residues after drying