IGT Testing Systems at drupa

Measuring and testing becomes more reachable

Wilco de Groot, MD of IGT Testing Systems at its stand in drupa 2016. Photo

At drupa IGT’s managing director Wilco de Groot showed us that first of all there is continuous research and development and enhancement of the instruments so that with the use of microprocessors and common touchpad interfaces innovations are possible to bring down the cost of some of the equipment. Some of the testers can be thus enhanced for either performing several tests or made somewhat multipurpose using interchangeable components and software.

Also, it was quite interesting to see that IGT also makes relatively simpler but still quite precise testing instruments for prices in the region of Euro 1,000. Other instruments are also not very expensive when one calculates the cost of testing an ink and substrate on press rather than in the lab beforehand to avoid surprises. We believe that a huge push in quality and efficiency is necessary for the quality printers who expect to grow and one of the keys to leveraging high technology will be to leverage their human capital with the proper use of testing and measuring instruments and a more scientific understanding of the printing processes.

Packaging South Asia is a cooperating media partner for drupa 2016 which was held from 31 May to 10 June at Dusseldorf, Germany