Indian PET demand will be more than double by 2020

PET could be the next sunrise industry in India

Vimal Kedia, managing director, Manjushree Technopack. Photo PSA

Entry level solution for web guide regulationBST eltromat to showcase EcoGuideAt Labelexpo Europe, which will be held from 29 September to 2 October 2015 in Brussels, Belgium, BST eltromat International will focus on the areas of 100% inspection, workflow, web monitoring and color measurement and web guide regulation. Ingo Ellerbrock, product manager, BST eltromat, says, “The trend in label printing is increasingly going in the direction of standardized, extendable compact solutions. At Labelexpo we will present our cost saving entry level solution for web guide regulation with EcoGuide amongst others. Moreover, we are combining a wide array sensor from our subsidiary AccuWeb, USA with our tried and tested controller ekr 500 digital for the first time. These wide array sensors have large measurement areas to electronically compensate for changes in the web width, and therefore make mechanical adjustments and or manual alignments of the sensors superfluous.”
At Labelexpo Europe 2015, BST eltromat will be showcasing one of the most economic models for video web monitoring – the PowerScope 4000Process-oriented solutions
Apart from the latest developments in web guide regulation, the tried and tested BST eltromat systems CompactGuide and SmartGuide, the digital sensor CLS Pro 600 and the current ekr controller generation will also be displayed. Moreover, BST eltromat is showing its innovative solution for the measurement of absolute color values with the iPQ-Spectral. In addition, a further process sequence will be introduced, which was developed in cooperation with coe, a renowned company in the pre-print stage with headquarters in Bremen and Stuttgart.

Asim Parekh of Coca Cola India. Photo PSA

Dirk Volkening, product manager, BST eltromat, says, “iPQ-Check, the module of the iPQ-Center for the 100% print image inspection, now has new, self-developed high performance LED lighting. This means that the module is suitable for printing flexible packaging, opaque (lightproof) and reflective materials and normal paper.”

“We are not short on innovations,” says Volkening. This also includes the Shark 4000 Lex. The flexible, adjustable 100% inspection system for use on rewinders and narrow web printing machines will support the iPQ-Workflow from now on. “Of course, all data will still be recorded, for example, on the customer server and can be viewed on any PC. But due to the fact that the focus is on the important data when evaluating the minutes, the rewinder only stops at the process relevant points. In this way, the production can be run at maximum speed. This means a significant process improvement.”

Video web monitoring

BST eltromat will be showcasing one of the most economic models for video web monitoring –  the PowerScope 4000. The operation of the system primarily conceived for label printing and other narrow web applications, is now even more user-friendly. “We have taken on an established operating element from our large solutions, and added a joystick to the PowerScope 4000. This makes the operating concept of the rotatable and removable keyboard and touchscreen even more flexible, and the handling even more intuitive,” says Kauczor. “But that is not all. Not by a long shot. In future, the PowerScope 4000 will have the optional possibility of recording a freely configurable order history.”