Innovations and shelf impact from HPPL

Five panel pouch from Huhtamaki PPL

Five-panel pouches provide excellent retail presence with their increased surface area available for branding and communication. Simultaneously, the design results in a compact pack, saving space on supermarket shelves. Unlike conventional form fill seal pouches, these pouches are reclosable using a zipper. The format uses fewer raw materials for the same volume of packaging compared to conventional packaging formats and is appropriate for packaging of all kinds of dry products.

Godrej Ezee
An interesting solution from HPPL’s design and innovation cell was provided for Godrej’s liquid detergent Ezee. The packaging option is a shrink sleeve printed on an unsupported monolayer (Poly Vinyl Chloride) special grade shrinkable film. The original size and placement of the elements is maintained with a special shrink sleeve with pre-sleeving distortion in the design. This eliminates the distortion of the graphics and text on the shaped container and ensures all elements are placed at the desired positions, giving an enhanced aesthetic appeal to the entire container on the shelf.

Huhtamaki 3

Godrej Ezee shrink sleeve

Paper Boat chikki
Bengaluru-headquartered Hector Beverages has carved out a niche in the Indian drinks market by offering ethnic Indian drinks in attractive and youthful packaging. Associated with the Paper Boat brand from inception, HPPL won the Asiastar 2014 award for Paper Boat profile pouches.

Huhtamaki 5


Paper Boat chikki packaging

HPPL recently worked with Hector Beverages for the latter’s entry in the snacks segment. Paper Boat Chikki epitomizes the role of packaging in transforming and positioning an age-old traditional snack to a unique and premium positioning, ideal for modern retail putting at par with other premium snacks like chocolates.
The design is simplistic and to enhance the aesthetics and tactile aspects, matt OPP has been used as a print medium and the use of transparent dyes and lacquers utilize the metallic effect of the barrier layer optimally – balanced with a white matt background. The barrier is a specialized high-barrier OPP that provides the desired properties against moisture and oxygen to avoid sogginess and rancidity while offering optimal shelf life.

Easy Tear functionality is achieved through a combination of OPP/CPP and avoids usage of PET. Use of CPP as a sealant helps pack these bars on high-speed HS lines at 350 packs a minute, without compromising on the seal and excellent performance on leakers.



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