Kabra ExtrusionTechnik displays 3-layer blown film line at Indiaplast 2019

Kabra targets domestic market at Indiaplast

Prashant Wagh, associate vice-president and SS Thakur, general manager - R&D of Kabra ExtrusionTechnik alongside the 3-layer blown film line displayed by the company at its stand at Indiaplast 2019.

At Indiaplast 2019, Kabra ExtrusionTechnik displayed its 3-layer blown film line. Representatives of Kabra were extremely happy with the show. The footfalls turned out to be better than anticipated for the company. A number of visitors showed interest in the company’s non-barrier blown film line that was running live at the show. Kabra mainly targetted domestic customers at the show as many international customers and most customers within India, from down South, refused to attend the show because of the ongoing cross-border tensions between India and Pakistan. Many existing customers from the company dropped out at the last minute due to the same political reason.

The 3-layer blown film line at the Kabra stand runs at a speed of 600 kg an hour. The machine is PE based and is capable of making non-barrier films. The main applications of the machine are lamination films, shrinkable films, strechable films, liners, liquor film and dairy and oil films.

Apart from the 3-layer blown film line, the company also makes 1, 5, 7, 9 and 11-layer blown film lines. “Since the packaging industry is growing rapidly, we’re getting a lot of demand from the market. The awareness in the market has also increased in the last few years. The barrier line in 7, 9 and 11-layer has just picked up in the market. Ultimately, in times to come, these will be the highest in demand. People today are increasingly focussing on the shelf-life of products. This will help the barrier line segment grow in the coming days,” says SS Thakur, general manager of Kabra ExtrusionTechnik.

The company has not yet sold any of its 7-layer blown film lines in India. Nevertheless, it has exported three 7-layer machines, one each in South Korea, Russia and the US. As far as 5-layer is concerned, the company has supplied many of these machines in India. The company managed to generate business worth Rs. 15 crores at the show.


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