Michelman’s investment in packaging incubator in Mumbai

packaging incubator
country manager and director

Michelman has made a significant investment in a packaging incubator in Mumbai, which has the potential to assist immensely the flexible packaging convertors, film producers, paper convertors and brand owners  in innovating a sustainable future for packaging and allow for fast and efficient development of sustainable packaging solutions.

This cutting-edge-technology packaging incubator in India is named Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings (MICC). The incubator will house most sophisticated application and formulation laboratories with human assets to match it. The centrepiece of this innovation centre would be a state-of-the-art dual station coater/laminator from Kroenert Germany; a  highly capable asset which will help the packaging industry in India to prototype, test and try new packaging structures.

The features of the packaging incubator include multifunctional coating heads for various coating methods or adhesive application; multiple printing process; ability to coat a wide range of substrates up to 400 micron thickness; UV Top and Heat Nip Lamination capability; and formulation lab and application testing lab.

Michelman’s holistic approach of dedicated space, technical capability and technology allows for collaborative innovation between brand owners, film producers, converters, packaging institutes, and others involved in the research and development of sustainable packaging. With the use of Michelman products, one can develop packaging structures that offer recyclability, improved shelf life and food safety, increase productivity and efficiency, compostability, waste reduction, down gauging, etc.

There will be an inauguration of Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings on 31 January 2018, followed by a cocktail dinner.


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