Packaging made of Invercote G 200 g/m2 from Iggesund Paperboard

Carton of the Year – Natural beauty gains a tactile frame

The Carton of the Year award went to the packaging for ambuja, a skin care collection from Legart Forschungsatelier. The carton is made by Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach of Invercote G from Iggesund Paperboard.

The concept’s central idea is based on ‘organic’ opening according to the principles of nature – like a fruit or blossom. The sound effect comes as a surprise and rounds off the experience perfectly – when closing the lid, the product is covered with an audible click and is kept safe at the same time. The sound of the magnetic fastener highlights the unique feeling of holding something precious in your hands, something that is both durable and sustainable. The concept offers an extremely elegant coloring scheme and perfect choreography when opening and closing – only very few packs express the value of their contents so distinctly. The focus is on aesthetics which reflect the technological advance and uniqueness of the brand.

The jury was enthusiastic in its statement –  “This is a carton that was a joy to interact with.
Whilst the feel of the carton in-hand was lovely and smooth, here was a carton that really impressed the judges on opening as it opened with a flip top where the rest of the pack opened beautifully and parted ways down the corner to reveal the product. The ace was the audible ‘click’ sound that the pack made when closed and the flip top closing was almost spring-like. When several senses can be engaged, including sound, then that makes for a very interesting consumer pack.”

The packaging was converted by the Austrian firm Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach for the brand owner
Legart Forschungsatelier. The structural design is by Herwig Bischof and Johannes Gautier. The latter also did the graphic design. The packaging is made of Invercote G 200 g/m2 from Iggesund Paperboard.

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