RSG Solutions’ color management solutions at PrintPack 2017

Color standardization gaining ground in India

Gulshan Pahwa, director RSG Solutions, at their stand at Print Pack 2017. Photo PSA

“For designers we have Eizo color monitors; whatever you see on these monitors is exactly what  you get through on the printer. What’s interesting about these monitors is that they have a built-in color calibrator. Any monitor from the market that you use needs to be recalibrated and you also need an external colorimeter to calibrate the monitor. But in our monitor the calibrator is in-built and it will do the calibration on its own. You just need to decide when you want to calibrate in the software and it will automatically start calibrating the monitor,” he said.

Pahwa also commented on the Epson range of proofers, which are used for proofing applications and considered ideal for design jobs that are going into print. “We have proofers for newspaper applications, offset printing applications, and for packaging applications.

The other products that RSG Solutions displayed included the Techkon range of spectrophotometers and densitometers, as well as scanning spectrophotometers. Pahwa said that with the help of scanning spectrophotometers along with different software, RSG Solutions is educating printers to adhere to quality printing standards. These devices help them achieve ISO or G7 standards. Additionally, RSG also displayed its sample-maker machine, which is aimed at the packaging industry for making samples.

When asked about the response he received at the exhibition, Pahwa shared, “The response has been superb so far. As far as color management solutions are concerned, nowadays we’re seeing a trend where customers are investing in these kinds of solutions. Earlier they were not as aware about such solutions as they are now. Our efforts to educate the market has borne fruit. We have substantial market feedback and inquiries about color management, which is a good trend.”