Brilliant Polymers to launch new range of adhesives for flexible packaging

Plans to double capacity

Finished flexible packaging materials produced using Brilliant's adhesives

Sharing the expansion plans of the company, Gaurav Talwar, managing director says, “We intend to increase our footprint of warehouses and supply points across the country, and in several regional markets, to continue to service customers with short delivery times. We work closely with our clients and provide customized solutions to suit their requirements. Our core team has decades of experience in the flexible packaging industry and being a young company; we have the latest manufacturing facilities and infrastructure in India. With the new range of products planned to launch in the mid of the year, we are confident of doubling our business over the next biennium.”

Gaurav Talwar, manging director, Brilliant Polymers

Brilliant Polymers’ Ambernath unit is ISO 9001:2008 certified and comprises of ten reactors to produce large batch sizes of up to 20 tons at a time. The plant runs 24 hours a day under an automation system that ensures consistency in quality standards in every batch. “Our production team consists of over 20 chemists and engineers who guarantee the quality. Our quality control team checks every incoming raw material and outgoing finished product throughout the working day. We have over a dozen of warehouses in India, which ensure delivery of the products to any corner of India within the same day or by next morning, and this is what we have consistently provided,” shares Talwar.

Brilliant Polymers’ plant at Ambernath, Mumbai

The key point that differentiates Brilliant Polymers from other suppliers is the Application Lab, where the actual product is filled in the laminate and evaluated under real use conditions.

New range
This year, Brilliant Polymers will launch a new range of products such as extrusion primers, cold seal adhesives and water-based adhesives. Cold seal adhesives are used for confectionary, ice cream, candy and chocolates. For extrusion lamination, we have developed extrusion primers to improve the bonding with film and foils. To meet the demands of smaller packaging companies who prefer ready-to-use solutions, we will launch a single component solvent-based adhesive, which does not require any mixing as there is no second element. According to Talwar, “Water-based adhesive is a stepping stone. It developed in the late 70s before solvent-free adhesives. In India, when the solvent-based adhesive was about to fade out, rising demand for solvent-free adhesives came out. Solvent-free adhesives have gained a very large part of the market in recent times, with most packaging companies opting for solvent-free adhesives for their flexible packaging lamination requirements. Until recently, packaging companies had to use various solvent-free products to meet the varying demands of metalized film lamination, and a different product to maintain neutral COF increase in PE jobs and yet another product for high-performance applications. Brilliant Polymers has cutting-edge new products where a single product can satisfy the following requirements in one solution:

  • ability to run at high speeds for metallized applications
  • maintain COF after, lamination even in thin films
  • and ability to do standard and high-performance laminations all with a single product.

However, there are still markets for water-based adhesives. The performance of these adhesives is very limited and used for film to board and film to paper in dry snack foods.”