Chemline launches hot-melt adhesives in pillow forms

Adhesives for hygienic and clean products

Ravindra Goel, managing director of Chemline. Photo IPP

“In terms of new products, we have launched hot-melt adhesives in small pillow forms for pressure-sensitive applications. Pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesives have applications in hygiene products, WPP bags and many more. Until now in India, hot-melt adhesives were available only in cake form,” he continued.

Chemline’s newly launched hot-melt adhesive in small pillow forms for pressure-sensitive applications. Photo IPP

According to Goel, the main advantage of hot-melt adhesives in small pillow forms is that it melts far easily compared to hot-melt adhesives in large cake forms. Pillow form can increase the production speed as well as product quality to a significant level. Another advantage of the pillow form is that unlike cake forms, no human intervention is needed in the production as well as application level, which means better, hygienic and clean products. “We started manufacturing the pillow forms a month back, but it is at the exhibition that we are displaying it for the first time. We have received a very good response for this product,” shared Goel. At the exhibition, Chemline also launched a new grade of dry-lamination adhesive—the DL5000x25x—for metpet, which is comparatively more economical and offers higher mileage and better bonding.