Sparsh Industries buys two more Bobst vacuum metallizers

Sparsh adds K5 Expert with AluBond & K4000 for metallized CPP

Photo courtesy: Bobst

Delhi-headquartered Sparsh Industries will install two more Bobst vacuum metallizers this year, which will bring the company’s Bobst metallizers to four at its Kanpur factory. It purchased its first Bobst metallizer ten years ago when it was established. The company is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of polyester films marketed under the ‘Sparshpet’ brand. The company has R&D and testing facilities for the purpose of process innovation and product development. Its metallized films are available in different optical densities for various applications.

Photo courtesy: Bobst
Photo courtesy: Bobst

Expansion into metallized CPP film

Sparsh has recently expanded its offerings and as well as producing PET, will also offer CPP films. Since CPP is a very heat sensitive film requiring careful handling, the Bobst K4000 incorporates the company’s winding mechanism which is designed to handle a wide variety of films – in particular heat-sensitive and thin gauge films making it a useful choice for Sparsh.

High adhesion for PET films

Sparsh also needed to increase capacity for PET films and so it purchased the K5 Expert, which is the highest productivity metallizer in the world and can produce more rolls per day. The addition of the AluBond process, which achieves high bonding strength on any substrate with metal adhesion values of up to 5N/15MM, gives Sparsh a competitive advantage as they are able to produce films with a high bonding strength through the metallization process without the need for chemically treated films.

Photo courtesy: Sparsh Group
Photo courtesy: Sparsh Group

Upgrade and relocation

In addition to the purchase of the two new machines, Bobst worked with Sparsh last year to assist with upgrading and relocation of one of the existing machines to a new factory. A team of Bobst specialists worked on the K5000 machine to upgrade it and then handled the relocation to ensure a minimal effect as possible on production.

Commenting on the decision to continue to work with Bobst, Ashutosh Agarwal, chief executive officer of Sparsh Industries said, “We have had a long and successful relationship with Bobst over the last ten years including the upgrade and relocation of one of our existing machines last year. When we decided to purchase two new metallizers, we were confident that Bobst could meet our requirements and we were also impressed with the AluBond. We look forward to the new machines being installed and operational in our factories.”


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