Subjective packaging design

An Indian herbal cosmetic brand


Jovees is a line of herbal cosmetics claiming to align the synthetic and herbal benefits in their products. With their manufacturing units at Rudrapur and Noida in North India, the company launched its cosmetic range in September 2004 in New Delhi and subsequently across India. The Jovees herbal skin care range includes 24 carat gold products, sun care, hair care, lip and eye care products. All are exported to Great Britain, Spain, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Nepal.
Having started with 24 products in September 2004, Jovees today has 86 stock keeping units (SKUs) with 60 products in its portfolio. Focused on customer requirements and maintaining its strengths in product quality and packaging, Jovees has managed brand visibility in market.

We spoke with Rakesh Misri, Business Head, Jovees and he said that packaging varies with product variants. The products manufactured by the company undergo specific scientific processes in conversion from herb to end product and are not allowed exposure to direct heat in the process. Water used in manufacturing is processed in-house. The packaging is meant to ensure that the natural therapeutic properties of herbs do not get diluted with the chemical properties of the packaging material used. Tubes are double-coated with a visible outer layer and a special layer on the inside which does not let the herbal cosmetic interact with the chemical properties of packaging material on the outer layer. The 2-layer plastic tubes are thus both cost-effective for the manufacturers and portable and convenient for the user.

Misri said that the containers used for storing products are usually expensive and a lot of insight and understanding goes into deciding their style. Jovees products can endure three years storage because of the packaging. The container and the outer box packaging add to the cost but enhance the perceived value of their high end products. The silver and gold foiling used on the containers and in the new soon to be released tubes are expected to help the brand accelerate its momentum. The company uses same packaging for all markets.

When asked about how the company decides its packaging, Misri said that they give a brief to the packaging designers depending on the target market. Jovees, as a brand plays safe by keeping the design ‘simple and straight.’ The company decides on packaging designs by depending on what they instinctively feel suits the personality of the product and image of the company.