Tecnau cutting line commissioned at Germany’s Printsystem

High-performance cutting line

Stack 2325 features the Stacker s25, incorporating a “gripper” technology (patent pending) to provide reliable, damage‑free handling of heavy‑ink‑coverage graphic arts applications

Being mostly a digital print house, in addition to the new inkjet press, Printsystem has 14 sheetfed digital printing systems. It employs one sheetfed offset press as well. Industrial enterprises, publishers, advertising agencies, educational institutions, public authorities, ministries and the German Bundestag and the European Central Bank are among its customers. The main emphasis of the portfolio is on low- to medium-volume print-on-demand jobs as well as end-to-end production of technical documentation, educational materials, magazines, books, catalogs, brochures and official documents.

Printsystem operates the new Tecnau cutting line as a near-line installation adjacent to the inkjet press. The line is configured with an Unwinder 550, a Cutter c23, a Stacker s25, an exit conveyor and a waste extraction unit. The printed web is precisely cut in 1-up paper sheets stacked and ready for binding without any additional side trimming.

The new Tecnau s25 high performance stacker gently grips the sheeted output stacking a variety of coated or uncoated stocks from 40 to 300 gsm with ±0.5 mm accuracy at high speed. Tecnau has equipped the Stacker s25 with a new gripper system. This system transports the sheets that are output by the cutter at high speeds carefully and safely to the stacker’s stop device and brings them to a standstill. The gripper mechanism prevents damage to the prints, especially in heavy ink coverage applications. The Stacker s25 is thus a natural choice for graphic arts production.

Just like the inkjet press, the Tecnau cutting line installed at Printsystem can handle and process a broad array of materials. Apart from offset and recycled papers weighing between 50 and 130 gsm, it is also used for coated stocks ranging from 115 to 130 gsm.

“We were looking for a high performance cutting line to support our entry into web printing with the ColorStream 6900. We chose Tecnau because, in our opinion, they offer very good technology and excellent value for money. In terms of ease of operation, quality and flexibility, the Tecnau line meets our requirements perfectly,” says Oliver Harfensteller, a member of the Printsystem management board. With the new set-up, Printsystem now plans to pursue its business with direct mail and personalized products more intensively.

“We’re delighted that our automatic cutting line is helping Printsystem to succeed in the inkjet business. It’s a reliable, robust solution for high performance cutting and stacking that perfectly complements the capabilities of the production inkjet press,” comments Robert Gubo, area manager – Germany and Switzerland at Tecnau.