“This will be Valco Melton’s first manufacturing unit outside of USA and Europe”

Valco Melton India’s new manufacturing plant in Bengaluru

Valco Melton India team at the new plant

In a move that is of significance and reflects the optimism and promise that the company sees in the region, Valco Melton India on 5 January 2017 inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, which is the company’s first such operation outside of USA and Europe. The company has relocated to the new premises with an area of around 15,500 sq. ft., which will contain the new manufacturing unit, the registered office, increased inventory and an enlarged test and demonstration centre. Valco Melton India would be the first company to manufacture hot melt systems in India.

According to Ravi Kiran, director, Valco Melton India, the new plant will be fully operational by March 2017 and will cater to India, Middle East and the South East Asian markets. “We hold an optimistic view about the demand in this region and that is the reason why we have made such a significant investment. In the long term, we hope to export to markets such as USA and Europe as well.”

Initially, the D series of hot melt tanks and heated hoses will be the first products to be manufactured in the new plant as they represent a major demand in the Indian market. A total of 200 systems are expected to be produced every year. Around 150 systems are likely to be supplied to the Indian market while 50 systems are expected to be exported to markets like the Middle East and South East Asia. The Valco Melton India team of engineers have been extensively trained at the USA corporate facility in the production of hot melt systems.