Diageo and Thinfilm to unveil smart bottle

Mobile World Congress 2 to 5 March 2015 Barcelona

The smart bottle aims to enhance the consumer experience by using printed sensor tags featuring Thinfilm’s OpenSenseTM technology, which can detect both the sealed and opened state of each bottle

Strengthening the consumables portfolioHeidelberg India, Organic Coatings sign agreementHeidelberg India and Organic Coatings have signed a long-term sales and distribution agreement.  This move aims at expanding Heidelberg India’s market presence and strengthening its consumables portfolio. The agreement, effective from 1 March 2015 entitles Heidelberg India to exclusively manage the sales and distribution of Organic Coatings’ sheetfed offset products with special focus on inks, maximizing the synergies between the two complementary asset portfolios and unlocking the  potential in the combined offering.
L-R: Abhay Shah, joint managing director and RK Shah, vice chairman and managing director of Organic Coatings with Klaus Nielsen, managing director, Robert Joseph, business head – consumables and Vembu Swaminathan, financial director of Heidelberg IndiaThe agreement will bring together Organic Coatings’ existing sales force
and dealer distribution channel with Heidelberg India, while allowing
the former to singularly focus on manufacturing and product development.
The deal was signed in a recent meeting held at Heidelberg India’s
corporate head office in Chennai, by RK Shah, vice chairman and managing
director and Abhay Shah, joint managing director of Organic Coatings.
Heidelberg was represented by Klaus Nielsen, managing director, Vembu
Swaminathan, financial director, and Robert Joseph, business head –
consumables at Heidelberg India.

Commenting on the strategic
alliance, Nielsen stated, “We are extremely excited about this deal with
Organic Coatings and the value it would add to our consumables
portfolio. The agreement, is part of our broader growth strategy for our
consumables business, and comes on the heels of a similar arrangement
specialized in founts and wash-up solutions. Abhay Shah said, “We are
happy to join hands with Heidelberg India, as both companies share a
common vision for the future of the consumables business. Partnering
with a company of the calibre of Heidelberg India is bound to align us
with excellent growth opportunities in the Indian Graphics Arts industry
and help us take advantage of the exploding potential.”