Volpak adopts retrofits in flexible pouching

Retrofit upgrades improve efficiency and sustainability

Volpak Retrofits

Volpak, a Coesia company, with a production plant in Pune, India, which specializes in the development of machines and plants for flexible packaging, is investing in the development of technologies which guarantee both production performances, in line with the customer’s needs, and a reduced carbon footprint, in line with environmental requirements. This approach is not limited to newly produced machines, but extends to the ones, which have been already installed. That is because Volpak adopts an advanced retrofit concept in its machines, based not only on upgrading and adjusting the different components to extend their lifespan, but also on making them more efficient, including from a sustainability perspective.

The key benefits of retrofits

The evolution of the market requires rethinking the offer to clients in order to respond to new technology trends and new sustainability demands. These two concepts affect especially one area, that of machine obsolescence and of the inevitable aging of their mechanical components. In this regard, a cost-effective option is the retrofitting of machines, which allows extending their operating life and upgrading them to modern technological standards. Besides cost, one of the major benefits of upgrading aging machines is represented by the reduction of their carbon footprint, with an eye towards a circular economy. Retrofitting is one of the most efficient and advantageous ways for a machine-operated business to upgrade operations.

Retrofit in flexible pouching

One of Volpak’s most important goals is to help Volpak’s customers get the most out of their equipment for as long as possible, ensuring state-of-the-art results while offering a portfolio of retrofitting kits to support customers working with machines from older generations. In response, to the increasing needs for sustainable solutions around the world, Volpak has developed specific kits to retrofit existing machines so that customers can attain their goal of sustainability by offering their products in recyclable packaging. The experience, the laboratory, the cooperation with manufacturers of materials has allowed Volpak to develop retrofits towards this aim. The company is able to offer a unique Upgrade and Retrofit service to all customers, getting one-step closer to lowering environmental impact while boosting operational efficiency at the same time.

How Volpak’ s Retrofit and Upgrade Service Works

Volpak’s Upgrade and Retrofit service helps customers improve their machines according to their specific needs. Installed by a Volpak dedicated team of technicians directly on customers’ existing machines, kits are also designed for rapid installation minimizing machine idle time and ensuring a fast ramp up to targeted production runs. Combined, these elements ensure customers can keep older machinery running at peak performance, while maximizing equipment life at the lowest possible cost, maintaining their packing equipment up to date. As the company looks towards the future of machinery and the evolution of operational systems, it continuously develops solutions to add more versatility, efficiency and profitability to customers’ production process. 

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