Sun Chemical partners with KBA-MetalPrint


Sun Chemical has recently collaborated with KBA-MetalPrint to deliver printing inks for metal decorating. Focusing predominantly on the three-piece can market, the partnership will see Sun Chemical provide inks to KBA-MetalPrint on an ongoing basis. Working closely with KBA-MetalPrint, Sun Chemical will soon be providing its UV ink series DAICURE 5LM, the conventional ink series SunTrio DAIMETAL and the highly flexible SunTrio TOBA series with the MetalStar 3 and Mailänder 280 metal decorating press starter kits, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

Recognizing the demand for process technology support among customers that have purchased a new press, Sun Chemical will also be on hand at all times to deliver professional technical support and advice to KBA-MetalPrint customers. By collaborating with KBA-MetalPrint, Sun Chemical will work closely with the company to further optimize customer installations from both the technical and application related sides of the business. Combining the leading technologies from Sun Chemical with those from KBA-MetalPrint will guarantee each customer the very best metal decorating performance attainable.

The co-operation also lends itself well to the development of printing inks for the metal decorating industry by building on the specialist knowledge and expertise of both companies. Sun Chemical will therefore be able to help drive such developments forward with the backing of a global systems provider to the metal packaging industry.

The global partnership also encompasses marketing activity, including upcoming trade fairs and customer events. Iñaki Llona, global champion Metal Deco Inks, Sun Chemical, says, “KBA-MetalPrint is the market leader in metal printing machinery, both in terms of innovation as well as volume. As Sun Chemical also holds a market-leading position and has a similar focus on innovation, we believe that the partnership with KBA-MetalPrint is a great opportunity to benefit from mutual support and to work on joint R&D projects that will result in making the metal packaging industry more competitive and efficient. Both companies have a shared view of updating the technology for printing on metal in line with advances in other market segments, and both have parallel experiences that can be adapted for our industry.”