Tube manufacturer wants larger share of pharma packaging market

Creative Stylo Packs at Innopack Pharma Confex


Mumbai-headquartered Creative Stylo Packs is a manufacturer of laminated and co-extruded tubes. The company primarily services the FMCG and cosmetics segment. Starting off as a manufacturer of corrugated boxes, the company ventured into the tube manufacturing segment in 2012. Exports constitute about 15% of the company’s business with markets in the Gulf, US, South Africa and Bangladesh, among others.

At the recently concluded Innopack Pharma Confex 2018, Creative Stylo Packs met with many representatives from some of the biggest pharma companies in the country. This was the first time that Creative Stylo Packs put up a stand at Innopack Pharma Confex.

“Our aim was to meet with representatives and decision makers from the pharma industry and Innopack Pharma Confex is a great platform for that. We are seriously focusing on expanding into the pharma packaging space,” says Bhavik Shah, director, Creative Stylo Packs. At present about 90% of the company’s clients are in the FMCG and cosmetics segment and only about 10% in the pharma industry. “We want to increase this share,” he adds.

Creative Stylo Packs’ plant is located in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. The plant has a capacity to produce 20 million tubes per month, which includes both laminated and co-extruded tubes. With increasing orders and client base, the company is adding further capacity. “We are increasing the capacity of our plant to produce 10 million more tubes per month. So, by August we expect our capacity to expand to 30 million tubes per month,” says Shah.

Pharma industry offers growth potential
The main reason for Creative Stylo Packs to focus on the pharma sector is that the industry is big in India and is also growing. “The demand for tubes in the pharma sector is very robust. In addition, a shift is happening in the industry where companies are moving from aluminum tubes to laminated plastic tubes,” Shah argues. “India is still a very nascent market for tubes. For instance, the EU tube market is many times bigger than the Indian market, despite having about half the population. This means the annual per capita tube consumption in India is very low. So, you can imagine the scope of growth.”

Solid growth expected to continue
Creative Stylo Packs has had a very good last few years with very strong growth in business. The company has seen almost 40% year on year growth in recent years.

“Our performance has been very strong in the recent past and we have seen very sharp year on year growth. We expect this trend to continue in coming years as well,” Shah says.

To cater to the small but fast-growing premium tube market, mainly for cosmetics, the company has tied up with Aptar Group, who will provide applicators while Creative Stylo Packs will supply tubes.

VIAShardul Sharma
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