New Caparol lacquers use innovative IML packaging

Easy to recycle containers use in-mould labels

Caparol is DAW SE’s biggest paint brand and Europe’s third largest manufacturer of professional paints

Labelexpo Europe Stand 5C41Prati to introduce Digifast OneAt Labelexpo Europe 2015, Prati will introduce its latest digital finishing equipment, Digifast One. With speeds up to 80 metres a minute, the press requires just 8 minutes to complete the set up – thanks to smart design features and intuitive controls that can help switch from one job to the next in no time at all.Chiara Prati, Sales and marketing manager of PratiSignificant savings from reduced waste
No more than 18 metres of waste, the digital finishing equipment can provide a huge difference if compared to existing equipment. This not only saves on running costs and materials, but keeps processing time to what is essential and avoids large waste volumes which need to be handled without generating any revenue.

Sales and marketing manager of Prati, Chiara Prati said, “This may not be the first digital finishing solution on the market. It is, however, a fundamental step forward in terms of performance, helping our customers reach new levels of productivity, save time and cut back on waste. A high-speed, top-quality solution.”