Print and packaging matures in India

A.T.E. brings new products for printing and packaging

Anuj Bhagwati, MD, A.T.E. Enterprises

Responding to the challenges of delivering exacting print quality, A.T.E. developed the highly successful ALYGN register control system. More than 170 ALYGN systems are now working satisfactorily in India, Europe, and China, supplied either through the leading OEMs or to the end users directly. Encouraged by this success, A.T.E. has now developed the next generation AlygnAXIS register control system. A.T.E. now manufactures a range of AXIS products that include StrobAXIS (range of stroboscopes), ViewAXIS (web video systems), and DetectAXIS (100% print inspection system) for various specialized applications, packed with unique features.

A.T.E.’s business unit, Valence, provides a range of application-specific solutions in print and packaging. They cover static management solutions, ink handling and conditioning systems, heat recovery systems, waste solvent reclaimers, chamber doctor blades and holders, etc., which are designed to improve quality, reduce costs, and improve safety.

The company also brings to the print and packaging industry the HMX-Ambiator, the next-generation cooling solution based on evaporative cooling technology, from its business unit HMX.  The HMX-Ambiator helps to maintain positive pressure and dust-free environments by supplying 100% fresh, clean, cool air for process cooling and people comfort. It also helps to reduce solvent losses and even static charges. The HMX-Ambiator can be an excellent upgrade over air-washers and ventilation systems. HMX has already supplied 3.2 million CFM of indirect evaporative cooling solutions (HMX-Ambiator) in the print and packaging sector, which includes some of the leading names such as Uflex, ITC, Parikh Packaging, Balaji Multiflex, Uma Converters, M.M. Polytech, Renewsys, Creative Group among others.

Taking the benefits of digital technology to this industry, A.T.E.’s business unit, EcoAxis, has developed customized industrial IoT solutions and services for rotogravure printing, lamination and slitting machines.  EcoAxis provides integrated system bringing together data from ERP systems, production planning systems, machines, auxiliary equipment and manufacturing facilities at one single platform to give dashboards, reports and practical, actionable insights. The real-time insights for print and packaging industry include drill-down production reports, operator performance, quality reports, ink, solvent and adhesive consumption per print and energy consumption reports. The system also keeps track of deviations between recommended machine parameters versus actual machine parameters during production.

A.T.E. also represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the safety and environment fields to offer high technology solutions to the Indian printing industry. They include residual solvent analysers and LEL monitoring and heat recirculation systems from N.I.R.A., distillation systems for solvent recovery from waste ink from IRAC, solvent recovery systems from DEC Impianti, regenerative thermal oxidation from DURR, electrostatic print assist from Eltex, and hazardous waste incinerators from McClelland, among others.