Continuous inkjet line extension increases printer uptime versus comparable options

Extension to Markem-Imaje’s continuous inkjet range

Markem-Imaje’s 9029 printer comes with a warranty to provide quality coding for double the time typically provided by other similar CIJ options used in low to medium duty applications.
Markem-Imaje’s 9029 printer comes with a warranty to provide quality coding for double the time typically provided by other similar CIJ options used in low to medium duty applications.

An updated continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer comes with a warranty to provide quality coding for 6,000 hours straight. It is double the time typically provided by other similar CIJ options. Targeted at plants running 1-2 shifts a day, it provides up to 50% less additive consumption and a wide selection of inks versus comparable competitor models. The unit’s jet speed control, which automatically adjusts ink pressure, ensures consistently high print quality and no missed codes, regardless of environmental conditions.

An extension to Markem-Imaje’s continuous inkjet range, can print content such as best-before-date and lot numbers onto labels and packaging for 6,000 hours straight while providing lower consumable costs and quick maintenance which minimizes coding-related downtime. Other printers targeting similar low to medium-duty applications typically deliver only 3,000 hours of usage and can use twice the volume of additives.

The 9029 printer’s M6’ ink circuit is particularly easy to use, change and maintain. At the end of its long lifecycle, it can be replaced by operators in under 6 minutes, simply by clicking it out and in with the supplied tool.

Unlike other continuous inkjet models in the same category, six inks are available, including a range of high-adhesion inks for marking the most difficult materials such as plastics including polyethylene and polypropylene. A MEK-free quick-drying ink and a permanent ink can also be used. Most surfaces including cardboard, plastic and metal can be coded.

Consumables are presented in sealed cartridges which clearly display the precise quantity remaining on the user interface. They are quick to replace without having to halt production.

Additionally, the printer’s automatic cleaning system ensures quick and easy start-ups while its low consumption rate reduces additive costs by up to half, thanks to the unit’s latest generation hydraulic system.

The printer also comes with Markem-Imaje’s proprietary jet speed control, an embedded system that automatically maintains a consistent speed of ink drops onto the printhead. The jet speed sensor detects environmental temperature and the speed of specially charged drops between each print, while a control loop dynamically adapts it to ensure perfect drop placement, quality and code consistency in all conditions. The result is a best-in-class print quality as compared to other CIJ printers without the feature.

In addition to serving small to medium industrial applications, the printer is also useful where production is seasonal ‒ such as in coding fruit and vegetables ‒ since its printhead’s advanced cleaning system ensures clean, hassle-free start-ups, even after 3 weeks of storage.

Messages can be created and uploaded quickly via a user-friendly interface and USB connection. The printer codes up to four lines of data and can reach a speed of 4.4 meters per second. The printer is rated to IP55, and is thus protected from dust particles and low-pressure water jets, allowing it to be easily installed and operated in harsh manufacturing environments.

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