Madico introduces cost effective and environmentally-friendly destructible polyolefin labelstock for security marking applications.

Tag Non-PVC tamper-evident film introduced


Madico Graphic Films, a leading UK supplier of specialist pressure sensitive, coated film products for durable label applications, has introduced (in the last week of April 2009), a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly destructible polyolefin labelstock designed to offer improved benefits in security marking applications such as asset tracking labels and security seals.
Once applied, the non-PVC, 70 micron, matt-white label is extremely difficult to peel off and offers excellent tamper-evident qualities, even when applied to low energy surfaces. Upon attempted removal, the material fractures easily, preventing subsequent re-application. The destructible polyolefin label delivers additional security thanks to a coating of pigmented adhesive, which adds opacity and ensures additional contamination of the surface layer, if label removal is attempted.

Madico’s destructible polyolefin is pen writable and features a superior matt topcoating to enable high-resolution conventional and variable data printing via thermal transfer. The extremely hard-wearing top-coat, offers high levels of abrasion and chemical resistance, thereby preventing variable data manipulation.

In addition, as a less expensive alternative to other labelstocks, but with the same performance properties, Madico’s destructible polyolefin represents an economical option for label printers and converters. Further benefits are afforded thanks to the product’s high tensile strength, which enables easy waste removal on press. Unlike other polyolethin products on the market, Madico’s offering delivers consistent high-quality and easy convertibility.

Commenting on the introduction of the destructible polyolefin labelstock, Andy Voss, Managing Director of Madico Graphic Films Ltd says, “Madico remains committed to supplying high-quality labelstocks that are designed to meet the specific requirements of their intended application. This particular labelstock provides the strength, durability and performance of other products used for the same purpose, but is less expensive, more environmentally-friendly, and easier to manage. We therefore anticipate it being of interest to any label printer or converter wishing to broaden their service offering and increase margins.”