Toppan announces Business Action targeting SDGs

Initiative specifies areas of focus to enable sustainable living

Toppan announces Business Action targeting SDGs

Toppan Printing, a global enterprise in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has announced “Toppan Business Action for SDGs,” a blueprint setting out areas of focus for its business to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

With the publication of the Toppan SDGs statement in November 2019, Toppan committed to integrate the SDGs into its management strategy and strengthen efforts focused on achieving the various targets. Based on the concept of helping to shape a society that enables “fulfilling, sustainable living,” Toppan classifies material issues to address through its operations under “business materiality.” Specifically, these material issues relate to three themes—“sustainable global environment,” “creation of safe, secure, enriched communities,” and “empowerment and fulfillment of body and mind.”

Toppan Business Action for SDGs has been devised to accelerate initiatives centered on business materiality. Discussions between representatives of senior management, business operations, and strategy divisions at Toppan’s sustainability promotion committee, chaired by president & representative director Hideharu Maro, and at the related SDGs promotion working group, have identified areas of focus for each of the three themes of business materiality. Nine areas have been selected by creating a vision for society in 2030 and backcasting with attention paid to areas in which Toppan can best take advantage of its technologies and expertise.

“Business Action for SDGs is an extension of Toppan’s ambition to be a company that creates social value for a sustainable society,” said Fumie Ikeda, general manager of Sustainability Promotion at Toppan. “Contribution to the achievement of the SDGs is now being positioned as a basic strategy in our medium-term business plans. We will intensify our activities in each of the areas of focus and report progress as we work with stakeholders towards our goal of living that is sustainable and fulfilling for everyone.”

Toppan Business Action for SDGs

Environment: Sustainable global environment

Creating a circular economy – Prevent pollution and destruction due to waste by driving processes from sharing and recovery to upcycling based on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), product life extension, and material development.

Decarbonizing – Contribute to reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the mitigation of global warming by providing eco-friendly materials and schemes as well as solutions for energy saving and energy creation.

Expanding eco-friendly products and solutions – Expand Toppan’s development of mono-material GL film and other eco-friendly products and solutions and ensure contribution to the environment is visible and widely recognized by establishing certification programs.

Communities: Creation of safe, secure, enriched communities

Creating a safe society in which we can be ourselves – Leverage security system technologies to create environments that enable everyone to use their own data safely and provide personal data usage services that achieve both enhanced usability and privacy protection.

Contributing to enhanced quality of life for communities – Take advantage of nationwide network and digital technologies to provide residents with optimal region-specific services and contribute to sustaining provincial cities.

Showcasing and preserving culture – Combine experience in the fields of culture and education with cutting-edge technologies to develop solutions for preserving and passing down tangible and intangible culture and protecting the world’s diversity.

People: Empowerment and fulfillment of body and mind

Reducing food loss to help eliminate hunger – Reduce food loss throughout the value chain from primary industry sectors to consumers by combining functional packaging and digital transformation to extend shelf lives and optimize the balance of supply and demand.

Creating obstacle-free educational environments – Create a society in which anyone can learn anywhere and anytime by providing a global platform combining educational software and translation technologies.

Using innovative digital technologies to enhance health – Contribute to longer healthy lives for people throughout the world by facilitating access to healthcare information and services that transcend national or regional borders.

SDG-related material issues for Toppan

Toppan positions the SDGs as growth engines for accelerating its efforts to become a company that creates social value. Toppan has selected material issues to focus on from the 17 SDGs and classified them under the categories of companywide materiality and business materiality, with two themes in the former and three themes in the latter. By driving and combining efforts across the themes, Toppan aims to contribute to “fulfilling, sustainable living.”

Fulfilling, sustainable living

Business Materiality includes environment (sustainable global environment), communities (creation of safe, secure, enriched communities), and people (empowerment and fulfillment of the body and mind). Companywide Materiality includes environmentally friendly & sustainable production and employee health & job satisfaction.

Companywide materiality

Toppan is a global provider of integrated solutions in the fields of printing, communications, security, packaging, décor materials, electronics, and digital transformation. Serving customers in every sector of business and industry, Toppan’s global team of more than 50,000 employees offers optimal solutions enabled by industry-leading expertise and technologies to address the diverse challenges that businesses and society face in today’s rapidly changing market.

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