Consistency in converting

Building an automated slitter-rewinder for flexible packaging

Consistency in converting
ACOPOSmulti servo drives helps with reduced space, cost-effectiveness, investment security, a high degree of availability and varied interface options.

Aesthetics are a fundamental aspect of product packaging – they are what attracts the
consumer’s attention. The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry focuses
intensely on the topic, as it can be a decisive factor in the success of a product on the
market. B&R enables Kalpvrux Converting Products in Gujarat to achieve higher
performance and provide a leading-edge to its customers.

Slitting is a converting application that plays a crucial role in the quality of product
packaging. Efficiency, productivity, and return on investment are the driving factors for
successful slitting and rewinding machines. Slitter machines play an early role in
producing flexible packaging, so they must be precise and efficient to ensure high-
quality results. As one of the leading suppliers of slitter rewinder solutions for the flexible
packaging industry, Kalpvrux Converting Products is well familiar with these market
needs. The India-based company with a manufacturing plant in Vadodara, Gujarat,
believes in four values – continuous growth, flexibility, better service, and innovation.

Having built a substantial presence in India, Kalpvrux is expanding its horizons to the
global market and aims to be a leading converting machinery company offering reliable,
innovative solutions. “We see it as our responsibility to consistently innovate and deliver
novel, effective solutions to our customers,” says Ankur Patel, Technical and
Procurement director at Kalpvrux. “We aim to build strong relationships and an
outstanding ownership experience of any Kalpvrux machinery.” One of the latest
developments from the Kalpvrux team is the Perfector T 600.

Ankur Patel, Technical and Procurement director at Kalpvrux
“Ankur Patel, Technical and Procurement director at Kalpvrux” Our association with B&R has put us on the right path. B&R’s scalable and flexible hardware and software allow us to expand our machine functionality, reduce costs, and fully integrate machines into an overall production system. We are happy to be collaborating with an innovative partner like B&R.

“As the result of our continuous research and development, Perfector aims further to improve productivity and the quality of finished reels,” says Patel.

Consistency and precision in all operations

The Perfector T 600 is a dual turret slitter rewinder machine for roll-to-roll applications in industries like packaging and paper. It features a unique slitting concept for perfect roll separation, especially for narrow slits and cuts. The machine cuts wide rolls of film between 1000-1500 mm width into narrow strips of 50-1050 mm width.

Later, the finished reels are sent to vertical or horizontal form fill seal (VFFS/HFFS) machines. As machine automation continues to grow in complexity, the Perfector T 600 aims to make life easier for machine operators through clean, intuitive design and intelligent features that reduce the time spent on setup and diagnostics. The servo-driven machine offers supreme accuracy in reel cutting and rewinding at speeds of around 800 meters a minute, which leads to best-in-class performance and efficiency. Its compact design with easily accessible operating points enables good ergonomics and comfortable working

conditions for operators. Automatic blade positioning, tape application on finished reels,
empty cores, core positioning and motorized reel ejection from shaft to reel unloader
make it a versatile machine capable of handling all types of films and flexible laminates.
The main advantage of the Perfector T 600 is that it is a passive device able to control a
wide range of tension from very low to relatively high – satisfying key customer
requirements. In the rewind slitting process, wide films run through the machine and
pass through blades before being rewound on shafts to form narrow reels of the desired
diameter. If finished reels are rejected, all the resources used to produce them are
wasted. It is therefore essential that slitter rewinder machines can ensure high-quality
results free of defects.

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The cutting technology used in the Perfector T 600 delivers a precisely controlled
vertical downstroke and a fast specified cutting angle together with automatic blade
protection re-entry during the process and total blade protection during rest. Other
features include fast rotation for right-left positioning and an automatic safety block for
anti-rotation of the blade. “The performance of any machine is dependent on the quality
of the output they deliver. By making thePerfector T 600 easier to operate, we help our
customers achieve high product quality, increased productivity along with reduced
maintenance and minimized downtime, as well as seamless quality control during
production with reduced machine footprints,” confirms Ankur.

“By integrating various smart features into Perfector T slitter-rewinder, B&R has helped
us to take productivity, quality, and user-friendliness to the next level. With advanced
automation technology, we reduced machine changeover time from 30 to 25 seconds,
and ramp-up time to 50 seconds, which is 25% faster than our competition,” asserts
Ankur. “Brownfield facilities with conventional machines are one of the biggest
challenges in the flexible packaging industry. The overall efficiency of these machines is
always less than 30% due to factors such as excessive changeover times, unplanned
downtime, and material handling time. B&R enabled us to address these challenges and
introduce a turret rewinder machine that more than doubles that efficiency up to 77%.
Moreover, we also incorporated additional features that reduce changeover times, ease
of material handling, and lower machine downtime.”

A complete automation partner

“In the beginning, whether due to limited hardware flexibility, portfolio variety in a single basket, modularity, or different approaches taken by automation solution providers, we were struggling with our future innovation fulfillment,” recalls Ankur. “Quality and innovation are imperative aspects of our business. To maintain a high standard of innovation without compromising quality, we invest in the best technology. That’s why we selected B&R as our automation partner. While working with other automation solution providers, we found some limitations in our development process. Our
association with B&R has put us on the right path. B&R’s scalable and flexible hardware and software allow us to expand our machine functionality, reduce costs, and fully integrate machines into an overall production system. We are happy to be collaborating with an innovative partner like B&R.”

ACOPOSmulti servo drives helps with reduced space, cost-effectiveness,investment security,a high degree of availability and varied interface option.

So, it helps machine operators to achieve the desired result in efficiency. The machine
makes use of ACOPOSmulti with a passive power supply. In the slitting and rewinding
process, the unwinder continuously regenerates power as the motor and torque direction
both operate in the opposite direction. The ACOPOSmulti servo drives also possess
characteristics like standard DC bus supply with regeneration benefits, reduced space
with cost-effectiveness, investment security, and a high degree of availability and varied
interface options. Using two-encoder control for the turret and a two-motor option for
single unwinder shaft control provides an operational edge.

Kalpvrux has addressed consumer needs of increased automation in production with
reduced operator intervention by adding a range of the latest automated features from
the B&R portfolio such as pneumatic relays and relay output modules, safety, energy
monitoring, intelligent support system with OEE, open communication, and secure
remote diagnostics. Together with automated reel unloading and servo-operated tracker
solution, these cost-effective additional features add intelligence with reduced wiring

Add-on features like automatic knife positioning, automatic tape applicator, servo-
operated reel pusher and integrated safety controls with light curtains can be provided
on request. B&R X20 safety modules are used in the machine for the safety light curtain, which enables sensing surrounding area of the machine and generates different types of warning and alarm for human safety. With data such as operating temperature and
fluctuations in supply voltage, the Perfector T 600 indicates broken or pinched cables or
misaligned door switches. With an integrated web server and B&R Secure Remote Maintenance (SRM), service technicians can securely access machine data from anywhere in the world. B&R energy monitoring modules in the Perfector measure and analyze energy consumption for every batch cycle – not only for electronic components but also pneumatics – down to the machine level. B&R SRM is also used for remote diagnostics, making service and maintenance more accessible than ever.

The solution utilizes the latest IT and security standards and significant savings in maintenance at low investment. “While developing the PERFECTOR T 600, B&R has significantly helped us focus on safety, ergonomic friendliness, speed, and quality. With B&R web handling software technology, we have managed to achieve faster web speed, minimized setup time for new jobs, reduced time for roll unloading between finished sets, and reduced downtime,” states Ankur.

Quick and intuitive development with mapp

B&R also scored favorably in Kalpvrux’s evaluation with its mapp Technology, making
complex algorithms easy to manage. “In the past, our engineers spent a lot of time
coding and developing HMI screens. The mapp View package has all the tools to create
powerful, intuitive, web-enabled HMI screens. There is no need to deal with the
underlying web technology. This technology is encapsulated in widgets, which are
dragged and dropped into place and configured,” reports Ankur. “With mapp View, we
were able to develop our intuitive HMI with minimal coding and enable easy navigation.
mapp Services are used for user control, recipe management, and data logging tohandle production and maintenance data easily. With the introduction of mapp Technology, B&R has taken this work off our hands, allowing our engineers to devote
time to implementing features that are specific to our machine.”

Advancing into the future

With the help of B&R’s technology and expertise, Kalpvrux swiftly converted its ideas of building an advanced slitter machine into a reality. However, Kalpvrux’s ambitious goals do not end there. They plan to include other B&R cutting-edge technologies such as Machine-Centric Robotics, machine vision, track-based product transport, predictive maintenance, and integration of machine analytics into MES or ERP systems. Through strong collaboration with a technology leader like B&R, Kalpvrux will help its entire lineup of web converting machines meet the most demanding customer requirements and succeed on the global market.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the country-wide lockdown on 25 March 2020. It will be two years tomorrow as I write this. What have we learned in this time? Maybe the meaning of resilience since small companies like us have had to rely on our resources and the forbearance of our employees as we have struggled to produce our trade platforms.

The print and packaging industries have been fortunate, although the commercial printing industry is still to recover. We have learned more about the digital transformation that affects commercial printing and packaging. Ultimately digital will help print grow in a country where we are still far behind in our paper and print consumption and where digital is a leapfrog technology that will only increase the demand for print in the foreseeable future.

Web analytics show that we now have readership in North America and Europe amongst the 90 countries where our five platforms reach. Our traffic which more than doubled in 2020, has at times gone up by another 50% in 2021. And advertising which had fallen to pieces in 2020 and 2021, has started its return since January 2022.

As the economy approaches real growth with unevenness and shortages a given, we are looking forward to the PrintPack India exhibition in Greater Noida. We are again appointed to produce the Show Daily on all five days of the show from 26 to 30 May 2022.

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– Naresh Khanna

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