Printing Expo virtual Exhibition goes live

Virtual event to be available 365 days of the year

Printing Expo Virtual Exhibition goes live

Resolve Business Management (RBM), organizers of the Printing Expo virtual Exhibition, recently announced the launch of their fully interactive 3D online experience. Starting 30 November 2020, this online event will be available 365 days of the year.

The show opens with Zone 1 as a preview and includes the Muller Martini Showroom and the HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory. Zone 2 is scheduled to open in the very near future.

The Printing Expo Virtual Exhibition works in the same way as a live exhibition, except that you can visit at any time, from anywhere in the world. The hall and all the stands are rendered out to real physical dimensions. Visitors will be able to navigate through the zones and visit a virtual representation of stands, complete with 3D products. All Printing Expo exhibition stands are built using a combination of 3D rendering, photography, and HD video. With this approach, RBM can create photorealistic representations of existing stands or design something completely bespoke.

Like any live event, after registering, visitors are free to navigate the zones to see all the companies that are exhibiting, view high-resolution 3D equipment and download their favorite pdfs and videos and even collect promotional items or order print samples from the exhibitors. One should look for a video production company near me to have better quality footage.

Printing Expo offers visitors a totally immersive browsing experience and is a true ‘online exhibition,’ in the sense that it has been designed to a ‘real world’ scale bringing true reality to each and every physical aspect. The show provides a genuine visitor experience, just like a live trade show, and this format allows visitors to explore a complete virtual exhibition hall and discover companies and products using a unique, visual browsing interface.

Exhibitors have visibility of their stand traffic and are able to identify which content is most frequently opened and the content that is most popular. Every hotspot has the facility for visitors to eMail the details to themselves or a colleague, share on social media, and print or request further information directly from the exhibitor.

Printing Expo also contains its own fully interactive auditorium that has been designed to show live and pre-recorded seminars and conferences. The organizers will be working with exhibitors, conference organizers, industry associations, governing bodies, and even live event organizers from around the world to produce a content program that will run throughout the year.

Over time it is planned that the show will grow to include many of the world’s leading printing industry brands, and the visitor demographics will represent a global audience.

Wayne Beckett, event director of Printing Expo and joint managing director of Resolve Business Management, comments, “With Printing Expo we have tried very hard to make it feel and look like you are visiting a real event. We have been lucky enough to work with some really forward-thinking companies when putting together Zone 1, which has made this possible.”

Printing Expo is not designed to replace live events but to complement them. Our exhibition is made up from what we class as digital assets that can be used in the exhibitors own digital marketing away from the show. The Muller Martini Showroom and the HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory are fantastic environments for visitors to explore and contain lots of information, but these assets will be used by the companies own sales teams around the world as online demo centers.

Beckett continues, “The word virtual seems to be misrepresented when associated with everything online. Someone walking around their showroom filming on an iPhone is promoted as a virtual tour, but it’s not a virtual tour at all. Not too long ago, this would have just been called a video.”

Virtual – Adjective – ‘COMPUTING – not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.’

We believe that anything virtual has to be interactive and most of all needs to be fun to visit as well as useful, which is why we have launched Printing Expo.”

To enter the Print Expo virtual Exhibition, please go to

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