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Holostik to display authentication solutions and devices


The track and trace solution can help in keeping an eye on movement of products – factory to warehouse and further from warehouse to distributor and retailer, depending upon the requirements of the buyer – and trace the product till it is sold in the market. According to the company, the solution is fully customizable which does not require a high-end server. The solution is not limited to the manufacturer and can be extended for end-consumer level for checking the authenticity of products at retail outlets. “For this we also develop verification methods like Android and Apple Smartphone applications and verification through SMS, hand-held terminals, and we develop a tracking system on the company’s website as well,” says Gupta.

This year Holostik will be present at drupa on a 30 square metre stand – bigger than the last time. “We actually wanted an even bigger space,” says Gupta. The company will showcase its range of existing and new products and developments, and security solutions – holography, printing, packaging, and track and trace authentication solutions.

Authentication solutions
Holostik has developed various covert and overt features in holography and printing to protect products from counterfeiting. The company has also incorporated security features in its products like mirror strips, raster features, holographic scratch, security inks (forensic inks, color changing and heat sensitive inks).

Authentication devices
Along with its products to check the hidden security features, Holostik also supplies devices such as raster films, microscope, UV lights, magnifying glass, conductivity testers and handheld terminals for reading barcodes.

Higher-level authentication solutions
Taggant and Talking pen are one of the unique solutions from Holostik which will be displayed at drupa 2016. Taggant, is a secure system allowing instant authenticity inspection with a portable reader. Taggant is not a holographic feature, but a special covert coating inside the hologram which cannot be replicated or detected by any device except the unique taggant reader from Holostik. This helps in preventing copying of the holographic image and is a banknote level secure code system which is in the material and electro-optically detectable. When the portable reader is placed on the holographic label, the reader responds with an indication of authenticity of the holographic label within a second.

Whereas, Talking pen, Holostik’s latest development, is also an electro-optic sensing technology as well as a special coating and can be detected with a special pen which responds about authenticity with an audio note when kept on a hologram with the special coating inside and confirms that it is genuine. These coatings cannot be detected or replicated without special devices from Holostik.

Latest developments
Other products that will be displayed at drupa are self-adhesive holographic scratch for extremely fast applications over scratch cards; mirror strips with micro text; international food grade standards approved pouches with holography; shrink sleeves with full and partial spot holography; chameleongram, which is a color changing hologram with a combination of holography and printing creating a unique gradient effect; special holographic labels for the lubricant industry with unique creative designs and printings; and, induction sealing liners and wads with printing on inside and outside layers for more security, inventory management and more attractive appearance.

Packaging South Asia is the cooperating media partner for drupa 2016 which is scheduled to be held from 31 May to 10 June at Dusseldorf, Germany.