Rexam HTW conducts Can School in Mumbai – Industry News at PackagingSouthAsia


Rexam HTW Beverage Can (India) Ltd conducted a conference on beverage cans called The Can School at the Goregaon Exhibition Centre in Mumbai on 19 of September 2008. Rexam HTW is a joint venture between Rexam PLC – the world’s largest beverage can manufacturer and second largest packaging company with annual sales of GBP 3.6 billion (approximately INR 29,000 crore) and India’s largest can manufacturer Hindustan Tin Works. Rexam invested in 51 per cent of the equity of the joint venture to manufacture two-piece beverage cans in October 2006.
The one-day can school or workshop was attended by over 80 delegates from leading Indian and multinational companies who discussed various topics like the history of can-making, the manufacturing process for cans and ends, can graphics and new trends, handling and distribution of filled cans and the eco-friendliness and recyclability of metal cans. Featured speakers included Tim Wright, Paul McNaughton and Chris Hopkinson from Rexam and Naval Pandole and Atit Bhatia from Rexam HTW. The conference concluded with a graduation ceremony.

According to Sanjay Bhatia, Managing Director of Rexam HTW, “As a part of the commitment to the can manufacturing and packaging industry, Rexam HTW has taken this initiative to launch the Can School. Such a workshop will educate our customers about the significance of cans in the packaging industry. People don’t buy cans only for the price point but also because they are hygienic, convenient, durable, stronger and also recyclable.”