RotoControl GmbH Launches Inspection Machines for the Label Industry

RotoControl GmbH providing


Managing Director of RotoControl GmbH announced the launch of high-speed inspection
Marco Aengenvoort, Managing Director of RotoControl GmbH announced the launch of high-speed inspection, cutting and rewinding finishing machines for the label industry on 11 March 2009. RotoControl is offering Servo Drive Technology (S-Drive) machines assuring 100% stable control of the entire web with multiple options in the RSI line as well as smaller basic RSC models. It claims to provide customers complete systems that offer consistent performance, low maintenance, lower tension/higher speeds, easy job set up and operation, and online phone support from expert technicians.
Aengenvoort said, “Our machines are a result of integrated development Aengenvoort said, “Our machines are a result of integrated development meeting the needs of our customers looking for simple and intuitive operation, the highest degree of automation, full integration of all components and modular design.  With our top model (RSI 430), we are certainly at the forefront of the development of label control machines with integrated inspection systems.\”

S-Drive technology
RotoControl has integrated the inspection, slitting and die cutting technology in its machines, including driven elements using Servo Drive technology (S-Drive). The technology offers an electronically synchronized drive system while providing operator friendly, complete control of the web at any speed (up to 320mpm). S-Drive technology claims to keep the machine stable while performing at higher speeds through ramp up to full stop. Other advantages stated included soft wrapping, low maintenance, easy error analysis program and a new standard for user-friendliness with the graphical user interface.

Stable flexibility through modularity”
The RotoControl RSI slitter, rewinder and inspection machines come standard with S-Drive web control, onboard unwind, label and length counting and crush knife slitting. With a modular structure RotoContol says that it can be individually tailored to customer needs or be upgraded in future. Modules currently available include inspection, shear and razor slitting, die cutting (with or without registration), sheeting, separate unwind as well as laminating and printing modules.

Integrated vision inspection and control
Coupled with RSI high performance automation, the 100% inspection capability and the integration of machine and image in conjunction with vision inspection partners offers quality assurance. Dual pass pharmaceutical machines allow re-inspection of corrected faults without rewinding, offering reliable solutions for different applications.