Worldwide GMG/X-Rite scrapping campaign for old photo spectrometers


GMG, developer and supplier of colour management and proofing solutions, has launched a campaign enabling customers using old i1 measuring devices (Revision A or B) to buy a new i1 at the special price of EUR 699 until 15 August 15 2009. To take advantage of this offer, old i1 devices have to be returned to GMG via its authorised dealers.

The aim of the campaign is to ensure that as many customers as possible work with state-of-the-art devices. GMG ProofControl, in combination with i1 measuring instruments, has been part of daily proof production and verification for years. But only measuring instruments that operate within the specifications of the prescribed standard really fulfil their purpose.

Consequently recertification is an important issue. The factory calibration of an i1 is valid for 12 months, after which X-Rite offers recertification for all spectrophotometers. As a result devices are sent to the x-rite service department, where they are tested and cleaned before being subjected to the same calibration procedure as a newly manufactured unit.

However, with much older revision A or B devices in daily use, recertification is often not worth while for financial reasons, because the repair costs far exceed the remaining value of the device. In addition, in comparison with first generation devices, new i1 instruments perform measurements twice as fast due to the progress made in sensor development.

GMG was founded in 1984 in Tuebingen, near Stuttgart, Germany, and has a worldwide distribution network with local representations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. GMG has sold more than 9,000 systems across the industry spectrum, from ad agencies, prepress houses and offset printers to newspapers, flexo converters and gravure plants. In the European gravure industry, GMG ColorProof has become the de-facto standard. GMG ColorProof is designed to provide an accurate way of calibrating digital inkjet proofing engines for contract proofs. Specifically tailored to the needs of the packaging industry is GMG FlexoProof, which supports specific flexo file formats and includes a complete Pantone spot colour library. GMG ColorServer is a tool for automatic colour conversions – CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK and RGB-to-RGB – for more efficient workflows. GMG InkOptimizer automatically reduces chromatic colours, thus providing cost savings by reducing ink usage, along with better print stability on press.