Luxinar to exhibit at Labelexpo Brussels 2019

Sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) laser solutions


Luxinar, a manufacturer of sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) laser sources up to 1000W, will be exhibiting its SR series and OEM series sealed CO2 laser sources, from its expanding portfolio, on stand 3A05 at Labelexpo Brussels. Visitors to Luxinar’s stand at Labelexpo will see the SR 10i, SR 15i as well as the OEM 45iX. Luxinar sealed CO2 laser sources can be used on a wide array of materials such as paper, card, plastic, polymer, foil, textiles, acrylic, rubber, FR4, glass, and wood or ceramics. Applications range from cutting, drilling, kiss-cutting and perforating to marking, engraving, scribing and welding. Installed laser sources span a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, industrial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and security.

Solutions for flexography

Luxinar’s OEM 45iX for direct laser engraving on flexo printing plates is versatile and comes with easy integration to existing production lines. Its short optical pulse with high peak power improves edge quality and minimizes the heat-affected zone. The power stability of 1% ensures a high level of process repeatability.

Solutions for digital printing and flexible packaging

The CO2 laser-based machine tools are well-established across many industries and have become the tool of choice for both narrow and wide web applications. Laser processing provides flexibility, with extremely accurate control of cut depth, high repeatability and consistency without the need to change tools, unlike the mechanical alternatives.

Luxinar is its OEM series comes with the same footprint in three wavelengths — 10.6µm, 10.25µm and 9.3µm. The large wavelength option allows companies to design modular machines to process PP, PET, PE, hybrid PET, BOPP (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene), paper, and EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl alcohol) using the appropriate wavelength. It can be easily integrated to existing production lines, coupled with a galvo-based system, a cutting head or a combination of both.

Manufacturers looking for scribing or scoring solutions for easy-tear, easy-opening and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications can also consider Luxinar. For these applications, lasers in the SR series are the most suitable. IP66-rated, these lasers are ideal for the harshest environments where stringent hygiene regulations are in place (frequent hosing down cleaning). The simple control interface and compact mechanical design allow easy integration.

Luxinar lasers in flexo printing process
Luxinar lasers in flexo printing process

Solutions for high-speed marking and coding

Lasers are now a popular choice for food packaging companies for a number of reasons that include the versatility of the material they can mark and the longevity of the inscription compared to the alternative inkjet printing method. The Multiscan series from Luxinar is popular among customers seeking this application. The laser marker provides perfect line tracking and its compact size and reliability allow easy siting and ‘fit and forget’ low maintenance.

Food labelling legislation is becoming more stringent and there is pressure on the industry to mark lot numbers, batch codes and ‘best before’ dates on products. This information must be frequently updated as they are applied to each item. Luxinar has the solution to support quick production of environmentally friendly labels.

Multiscan from Luxinar is the fastest sealed CO2 laser marking system. It offers an inkless method of applying alphanumeric text, QR codes, 2D and traditional barcodes as well as complex graphics to a wide variety of materials. The system can mark stationary or moving products at speeds of up to 1200 characters per second on an area up to 300 x 300 mm using flexible software; this enables intelligent data to be placed anywhere within the specified scan area. The IP66-rated Multiscan HE was specifically developed for harsh environments, such as the beverage industry. As there is no tool change required, downtime is also reduced.

Try before you buy

Luxinar conducts sample tests at their inhouse application laboratories for manufacturers uncertain as to whether a sealed CO2 laser can be used in, or to improve a specific manufacturing process. This service is available to any interested party, regardless of whether the client is an existing customer. The laboratories are well-equipped to conduct a range of processes. Whatever the process, Luxinar can assist to determine the best laser for an application. Sample turnaround times are rapid, and include detailed application reports with complimentary advice from experienced application engineers.