Efficiency gains at Mumbai-based label printer


With the addition of the new press, Coats & Pack now has two Gidues, two Zonten flexo printing machines and 12 small slitter-rewinders. In addition to strengthening its printing capabilities, it also focusses on ushering in greater efficiency in overall operations. With this in mind, in 2015, it bought its first web video inspection system from ENL. Continuing the trend for regular investments, in March this year, Coats & Pack installed a second web inspection system, this time from AVT.

“Every investment we make is driven by what the customer demands. We were facing a lot of complaints from customers about small and minor defects. Then we realized a video inspection was needed and we opted for our first web inspection system last year. With the second system from AVT we are just continuing that process. There is marked decline in these defects and errors,” says Ashish Chitale, a partner in the firm. With the two systems in place Coats & Pack is able to cover 50% of its output through video inspection and requires another two systems to be fully covered. “We would love to have everything under video inspection but that needs capital and therefore we would move gradually. However, I would like to point out that after working with the web inspection system for more than a year I am of the opinion that the system should be installed on the printing press rather than on the rewinder,” he says. Coats & Pack has installed the web systems on rewinders. Chitale says he would like to install the two systems on printing presses but current engagements are not giving him enough time to work on this project.

A new unit in pipeline
When Packaging South Asia met with Chitale during the inauguration of Gidue Combat M3 last April, he stated that he would like to continue to operate from Andheri East (it operates from multiple galas in Ansa Industrial Estate). However, he still maintains that he prefers the current location but certain practical difficulties have now forced him to think about adding a parallel unit outside the city. “Again even this decision about a new unit is because of customers’ demand,” he says. In terms of technology, Coats & Pack is expected to continue on the path of regular investments but for the next six months to one year there might not be any major developments. However, adding more inspection systems is something that is at the top of Chitale’s list. In the press department too there are plans for investment but nothing has been decided about the brand and technology.

“Yes we will surely invest in a new press but not in the near future. Also, we have not decided on any brand or any technology. It could be another Gidue or it could be a digital printing press. I will not rule anything out,” he explains. Chitale believes digital is a technology which has now become important and no printer can survive without it. A print house has to have a digital set up along with its main technology, he argues. “We are open to digital technology and we are even thinking about it but current economics is not working out for us. But let us see what unfolds,” he concludes.

Packaging South Asia is the cooperating media partner for drupa 2016 which is scheduled to be held from 31 May to 10 June at Dusseldorf, Germany.