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Design innovation in beauty and personal careSqueezable mascara tube ends dispense frustration and waste

A squeezable matte silicone mascara tube hailed a ‘world first’ has arrived on the scene designed to make mascara ‘easy to extract every time’ having resolved issues in the flawed rigid-tube system that can lead to dried-out product, user frustration and high levels of waste, and its significant benefits have brought industry accolades for the tube’s developer, a South Korean global player in the beauty sector.

A squeezable matte silicone mascara tube by AmorePacific is hailed as a ‘world first’

Seoul-based cosmetics company AmorePacific has created a new hybrid version, similar in look to a traditional mascara tube, with an aluminium laminated inner pouch. When the tube is lightly squeezed, the mascara is softened, repositioned and transferred to the applicator as required. With the standard tube, due to the high viscosity of the mascara it tends to accumulate along the inner wall and becomes unreachable or dried out.

In this year’s DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation the long-awaited breakthrough genuinely earned its gold for excellence in technological advancement and enhanced user experience says David Luttenberger, global packaging director of Mintel Group, USA, and lead judge for the third year running of DuPont Awards.

Luttenberger told Packaging South Asia: “For years the beauty and personal care (BPC) segment has been searching for a way to prevent the up-to 40% loss of product in rigid mascara tubes. Not only does AmorePacific’s flexible tube help prevent product clumping and waste, but it also prevents clumping on the application wand, which enables a cleaner, more even application of the product. Further, the flexible tube is finished with a soft-to-the-touch matte finish, which creates a multi-sensory experience for the consumer. In every way, it was more than worthy of earning a gold award.”

AmorePacific owns around 30 cosmetics, personal care, and health care brands including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Etude, and has more than 40 outlets in high-end department stores in the USA promoting Asian botanical components and in-house technology.