Packaging dry bulk goods

Starlinger’s AD*STAR *carry sack

Starlinger’s AD*STAR *carry sacks come with handles and make it easy to carry products like cement, ready-mix concrete or fertilizer packaged in them

The patented ADSTAR carry sacks hold filling quantities from 10 up to 50 kg and can be used for packaging a wide range of dry bulk goods destined for wholesale and retail sale, for example, construction materials, chemicals, or animal feed. The use of woven polypropylene offers important advantages. The sacks feature high strength at low package weight, provide excellent barrier properties and product protection, and allow attractive styling with print or OPP lamination. Packaging producers and suppliers of bulk goods benefit from the flexible design and the easy and economical production of ADSTAR carry sacks. They can be produced in a large variety of sizes and styles, have low raw material consumption, and do not require reinforcing like paper bags.

ADSTAR carry sacks are produced on the adstarKON SX and SX+ conversion lines supplied by Austrian Starlinger. The special handle patches are manufactured in a preparatory process and welded onto the sack top during the conversion process in the line – no adhesives or seams are required. Existing ADSTAR sack conversion lines can be easily adapted to the production of ADSTAR carry sacks. Currently, 6.2 billion ADSTAR sacks are produced every year on more than 300 conversion lines in 46 countries worldwide. With ADSTAR carry, sack producers have a unique product that helps them to open new markets, while they provide an attractive and economic packaging alternative for bulk goods producers.

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