Unick Fix-a-Form & Printers installs India’s first Domino N610i digital label press

Press powered by Esko digital front-end with color management and variable printing suite

Domino N610i
Team Unick Fix-a-Form with its Domina N610i digital label press

Unick Fix-a-Form & Printers has installed India’s first Domino N610i digital label printing to kick start its digital journey. The press installed at Unick is a 7-color press which is powered by Esko digital front-end with color management and variable printing suite.

The N610i can print at a speed of up to 70 meters per minute and has the capability of achieving up to 92% of the Pantone gamut. Ahmedabad-based Unick Fix-a-Form and Printers is into label printing business since 1984. It is one of the leading suppliers of Fix-A-Form Multi-page labels, PSA labels, shrink sleeves and in-mold labels. Currently, Unick serves a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical, FMCG, agrochemical and more in conjunction with Denny Bros of UK since 2007.

With the installation of the Domino N610i, Unick Fix-a-Form has enabled itself to deliver labels at speed and better print quality to its customers. The Domino N610i at Unick Fix-a-Form is installed with Multitec Hybrid system. The advantage Domino brings to the table is the productivity and quality. According to Ajay Raorane, assistant vice president, Domino Digital Printing, the speed and print quality are achieved because there are fewer moving parts in the machine. “We put the two together, and hence the throughput of the Domino N610i and the process improvements starts to increase a revenue capacity. That’s our goal and it will remain with every Domino installation. With our association with Unick Fix-a-Form, I am confident that they would be able to achieve higher productivity, throughput and customer satisfaction along with offering highest level of creative labels to the market.”

Hemen Vasa, director, Unick Fix-a-Form, said, “With the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet label press, we will be able to do more and in less time. As we don’t believe in resting on our past laurels with our constant endeavor to move towards setting new standards, acquiring and using the Domino N610i is a move in the said direction. The turnaround time for repeat jobs that were two weeks, as well as new jobs that take us three weeks now, all will henceforth be completed in less than one week with the Domino N610i. The other advantage we shall have with Domino N610i is reduced media wastage. We can also achieve a higher color gamut besides printing opaque UV white that is need of the hour.”


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