Year marking a major milestone “World Label Day” – A day to salute innovation and leadership in the Label Industry

World Label Day to salute innovation and leadership in Label Industry

World Label Day

For any Industry, it becomes indeed a very significant day, when foundation for such historical event is laid down. In order to give shape of such a significant day for the label Industry, ALPS has joined hands with Avery Dennison.

On 3 February 2019, Association of Label Printers and Suppliers (ALPS) and Avery Dennison will be coming together to announce “World Label Day”, to year-mark an extra ordinary milestone for the label Industry.

Only one name comes to any of our minds when we think of Pressure sensitive Labels, R. Stanton Avery, famously known as THE STICKER MAN. His name is synonymous to innovation and leadership as he pioneered the self-adhesive labeling technology and opened gates to new avenues of technology. There is no better way to commemorate him than to lay down the foundation of World Label day on his birthday every year.


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