Paktek to demo folder-gluer KS-1600M

One piece and multiple piece options to be showcased

TH Yu (right), managing director and Amy Chan of Paktek at drupa 2016. Photo PSA

For KS-1600M, the maximum opening width of a one-piece blank can be up to 3,200 mm. Bigger models are also available. The applicable materials are duplex boards E, C, B, A and AB corrugated boards in designs of irregular and RSC cartons. It takes about 5 to 15 minutes only for changeover time and yields an average production speed of about 500 to 800 sheets an hour.

In addition to KS-1600M, Paktek has been professionally manufacturing auto-folder-gluers for various materials in solid boards, corrugated boards and plastic with strong bonding and no scratches; auto flute laminators and cardboard to cardboard laminators; and sheeters for cutting plastic film. The PLC positioning system for folder-gluers and an auto pile turner for laminators are additional features that will help in increasing productivity and reducing labour.