Printmann invests in G&K Vijuk GUK FA53

Welbound installs two outsert systems

L—R: Tejas Tanna, director, production and marketing, and Ankit Tanna, director, finance and procurement at Printmann Offset

The Mumbai-based pharmaceutical packaging expert, Printmann Offset, has boosted its capacity of outsert production with the addition of two G&K Vijuk’s GUK FA53 outsert lines. Both the systems were supplied by Welbound Worldwide, the Indian representative for G&K Vijuk GUK.

Tejas Tanna, director production and marketing at Printmann Offset, says, Both the systems have definitely boosted our production capacity. We were running over capacity and were looking for increase in the capacity and these systems have just done that. The pharmaceutical sector is growing and so is the requirement for the outserts. Prior to the two new kits, Printmann Offset already had three other folding machines, one GUK, which was installed in 2008 and two Herzog + Heymann machines. Printmann Offset invested in  two G&K Vijuk GUK FA53 outsert lines in a span of one year. The deal was done along with Welbound Worldwide in 2013. Ankit Tanna, the younger brother of Tejas Tanna and director, finance and procurement at Printmann Offset, says, We were confident about the product and service from Welbound Worldwide. We also knew that the market for the outserts would grow. Keeping these factors in mind and after a careful study we decided to invest in two systems. The first machine was delivered in 2013 while the second machine was commissioned a few months ago in 2014. The FA53 18-plate, three-knife system is equipped with a sophisticated inspection and rejection system. The large format, light weight paper is scored with water jets, before they are pressed and folded many times to the size of the outsert that fits the size of a bottle cap. These features are particularly liked by the Tanna brothers. Tejas Tanna says, The pressing units remove excessive air from the outserts thus enabling Printmann to produce bigger outserts without bulge. The thin outserts without bulge run smoothly at our customers end. We are also in a position to provide the glued outserts alongside taped ones. We were able to add new clients who opt for glued outserts only. With the help of five folding machines, Printmann can convert all types of outserts according to a client’s requirements.